Poll: When will dragonite be "the new ingots/traitstones"?

  • Summer 2023
  • End of 2023
  • 2024
  • 2025
  • 2026 or later
  • Never

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At which point in time, if any, do you expect, that dragonite will be regarded as a ressource, that is only of use for new players and is stocked in abundance for those from mid-game onwards? When will mechanisms, that earn dragonite, be criticised as useless for the first time?

I’ll say summer 2023 to be optimistic. I have no actual idea… :sweat_smile:

For some super lucky players, it has no use already.


When there are two or three newer resources to replace it as bait to keep us on the hamster wheel.

Cursed Runes probably have to get to that stage before Dragonite enteres the queue.

Cursed runes are the gating item for chaos orb crafting. The new orbs (well, some of them, at least) will be useful for a while to upgrade Doomed weapons and high base rarity troops.


The faster Dragonite becomes useless, the better. Never seen a system that needed to be deleted like this does.

Unfortunately, the non-gem spenders are going need them for a long while, even with Dragonite gnomes.


I bought the Dragonite for my first Dragon mostly using Gems as I’d had few Perfect Runs at the time.

Fortunately, not being inclined to be an “early adopter” (or wanting to be the first with anything), I didn’t bother much after that, especially after the fiasco of Dungeongate.

I still only have one Dragon and none of the weapons you can craft with Chaos Runes and, frankly, it doesn’t matter that much to me…

I reached that point yesterday after crafting Diamantina, did a few GAPs on E12 post-update to speed up the dragonite grind.

I’m relieved that it’s over with, but not necessarily happy, because there are many others who are still struggling to get all six egg dragons. This whole dungeon revamp and dragon crafting system was (and still is) horribly designed.


I share that relief and same feeling. I’ve had Diamantina for 1 week now. There’s still only the feeling of “I’m so glad this is over”, and I also still hope that more changes will be made than just adding a gnome.

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