Any more use for dragonite?

At long last, today I finally was able to craft Diamantina. Beyond that, as of now, is there any other purpose for dragonite? Pending any future troops or weapons that may try to make use of it?


Grats. According to spoiler info, there may possibly be a future need for Dragonite. Could be an entirely new resource for this though.


Craft a second diamantina.


While it is close to inevitable, knowing the mechanics of “free” to play games and their habit of pushing the endgame whales further, I don’t think, it is a good idea.
Despite a few additional mechanics to get dragonite since its introduction (merchant and underspire), reaching Diamantina is still a task, that should be estimated in years. More purposes mean an even more desperate time estimation.

Plus, the prospect to have anything “finished” in this game for a change, is a welcome one on my end.

The only additional purpose for dragonite, I would agree on, is a soulforge transformation into a minor ressource like gold.

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I’m up to my 4th copy and am still sitting on almost 2k Dragonite that I’m saving for the above-mentioned spoilers.

Sat om nearly 14k of dragonite and have 4 diamantina. Hoping these new dragons are available with dragonite. If its a new resource i won’t bother, not going through that luck based nonsense again

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So basically if devs didn’t consider doing a new currency already then due to the bragging they certainly will do so now, if anyone of them reads this.


Oh hell no I am still struggling with Dragonite and getting Diamantina - I suggest a new way entirely of getting the new dragons. A new currency, maybe tokens to save up rather than just random pulling like before.


they need a new currency for the next eggs because of the hording, imagine people crafting the lot on day 1. :expressionless:


Sure they do.
But do “we” really need to hand out the idea/reminder on the silver platter? Seems pretty un-clever.


This is what I’m always thinking. Why do people feel the need to tell everyone or post screenshots of their astronomical amount of resources, so the mods or devs that were hired last week can see it and think of new ways to use it against us.


I mean you’re kind of not wrong but at the same time, I’m sure the devs/mods can and do access data about our collective accounts’ resources when they want to know things like that.


I know, but there is no reason to make it easy and serve it to them on a silver platter.


The way, development has acted over the last years, does not make it feel like they consider the forum a “silver platter” in any form. The last time, the community visibly messed up by bringing up an exploit in public, was the dungeon door mechanics; I have yet to see some proof, that stuff around here gets read by anyone but the forum moderators since.
And that’s not counting the fact, that, as I said above, I would regard a new currency as a lesser evil than additional uses for dragonite.


Yeah. In theory - if well organised - newsposters/devs should have all the data points of the top-levels anyway. In theory they should know all the stats already. But is what we witness since years what can be described as “well organised” (with the continuous buggy releases of new updates)?
Do they really look such stuff up? Or are certain things just assumed? Or forgotten and not considered? Maybe we’d have a chance of a new currency not being implemented without constant bragging reminders that are just begging for it to be done.

Since quite a while there’s a lingering dev-sided stubbornness / refusal to acknowledge and adjust fantasy droprates and player-sided unwanted rng (which if we believe official comments: adjustments for better [or worse ^^ yeah right…] haven’t happened in two years) and if that’s really the truth that really speaks for itself. Either real stubbornness, lazyness to adjust, not knowing how to in a adequate and fair way or deeming it not necessary are the options to choose from as to why adjustments aren’t considered and implemented.

The only players to eventually benefit of a new currency are the ones that still haven’t gotten Diamantina due to various reasons, like the obviously rng unluck, playing with a minimalistic activity of maybe logging in twice a week for cummulative 10mins while having high expectations and the most likely part of being too cheap to exchange gems into dragonite to get it sooner. Maybe even most of the things combined.
No hate.

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…are those, who have not started the game yet.
I really feel like we should not loose sight of those; going from zero to Diamantina takes long enough.

While this is true, why do we need to make everyone suffer again with a new currency? That one will also need to then be chased by new players if they want it.


So now we’re discussing people that maybe haven’t even heard about the game yet, but could eventually become players? What next? Do we discuss unborn people that’ll eventually become gow players?

Why not just hand out 10.000… ah, whatever, make it 20.000 dragonite to every new player directly, as compensation “because they’ve started the game late”?!

Seriously haha, far fetched eventualities…

and please also remember, that any dragon egg dragon (easy enough to get!) will elevate the game for “newie accs” well enough already.

After crafting only needed two D’s, I’m hoarding the rest. I waited forever for a new power orb troop. No lie, 2 days after giving up and crafting additional Zuul’s – Cthffhjjgffg came out! Still had more than i needed, but the timing was uncanny. My hope is we can craft specific dragons. Have a couple I’d like seconds of to go with the 4-6 of the others.


Cthffhjjgffg and his distant cousin Crsxtheskksx, can never spell them. But my keyboard app learned Ctharrasque for me. :joy: