We need new ways to get Dragonite

I was thinking we need orbs that give Dragonite and a friend suggested we should be able to craft Dragonite. So just a few easy ideas. And why not reward us with Dragonite in events too? And maybe get a small amount of Dragonite in every battle also! (^_^)


For comparison, we are allowed to craft Diamonds (using nothing but Shards), but what would be an appropriate base material to craft Dragonite from?

Personally, if we were just allowed to buy Dragonite in smaller quantities at a time I’d be fine with that. (Not saying it’s a “great” system, but rather that the current situation is a super low bar to clear.) Saving up 300 Gems for a purchase of 60 Dragonite can be … difficult. Saving 150 Gems for a Wandering Merchant offer (30 pieces) is somewhat easier, but if I could just acquire even 10 pieces (for 50 Gems) I’d probably be saving it up a lot faster than I am now. Sticker shock is real.

Remember that Dragonite is – by design – intended to be rare and precious (even though it is technically 25% cheaper to purchase than Diamonds!), and the greater criticism is still the RNG associated with crafting the Dragon Eggs themselves.

Well, I’m sure they would come up with something brilliant like “shards of dragon” or whatever.

But this is yet again another perfect resource to make Treasure Hunt useful (like writs would). Easy change that they seem to be avoiding.


How about dragonite (guild) gifts? Some of us are lucky with the eggs and don’t need it, let us give it away to less lucky players.


The way to get Dragonite we should choose is, of course, by spending diamonds. Every other one is deprecated.

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I’d be happy if we got something daily for doing dungeons even if we didn’t get a perfect run.

Anything, even something small like 10 or so.

But because there are always a few lucky people, they won’t do that because their measure is always what’s the worst for players. So if there are 0.0001% of players getting their dragons in 6 eggs, they are going to disregard the players that need 10, 20, 30, 40…