(Poll) What is your favorite hero class?


  • Archer
  • Knight
  • Necromancer
  • Priest
  • Sorcerer
  • Warden
  • Warlord[/poll]

Over 75% supporting purple weapons, lol.

I figured that. It seems ‘Burning Scythe’ is quite the popular weapon.

It just so happens to be the one AoE weapon that everyone has been made consciously aware of with the patch as everyone had them pop up, and then it got a big forum hype because of the Arena. Summer’s fury and others do about the same damage, Morthani’s Scythe even more. Admittedly Burning Scythe is a bit more manaefficient.

Btw where does creeping death come from? I can’t find it in my troop menu, it must be a new one too as it gives deathmarks and is very similar to burning scythe.

Sorcerer no doubt. Its ironic because i have yet to play it but its rewards looks better than other classes. Second best is probably priest for me. Necromancer and Archer are good too. Warlord is ok.

Knight and Warden suck ass. But at least knight gives you blue weapon bonuses.

If I remember correctly, Creeping Death is the 250-win weapon for necrmancer class. But I could also be totally wrong about that.


You are spot on. That is the weapon for that class.


So that’s why about 50% of all my PvP battles are vs necros…

Definately Archer, because it is simply my favorite fantasy char.

  1. Played Demon Hunter in Diablo 3
  2. Played Hunter in WoW
  3. Played Ranger in Guild Wars

So i had no choice…

I think 75% of arena battles have the computer using burning scythe, so it is the favorite of the computer also.

Don’t have a favorite yet, only on my second class. Unlocking one at a time as I hit 250 wins.

Sorcerer is my favourite so far, especially because some of the purple weapon is great and for the magic link.

arena is made of other players playing arena but with the conditions set up by arena, so its like pvp with control.

Sun & Moon also :smiley:

Sorcerer is best imo do to that last trait as well as with crescendo or sun and moon.

Will all kingdoms have their own class?

It is likely all kingdoms will eventually have a class. How they currently seem to be doing it is to give all troop types a class. I say this because they have a graphic in the files that have a 3rd perk symbol for every troop type in the game. There currently aren’t enough troop types for them to do every kingdom, so they are either going to add more troop types or repeat some. The next 10 classes or so should all have a different mana combination, a different kingdom, and a different 3rd perk for troop type.

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Priest. I just like to be a tank.