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Which class do I level next if Titan is the best one?

Hello folks!

I just maxed out Titan to 100 last night and want to change to another class and eventually have them all maxed.

The issue I have is that Titan is the strongest class and necessary for Raid, Invasion and most importantly Delves.

If I switch away from it, I’m basically shooting myself in the foot, at least I am as long as it costs me 50 Gems to switch class (Why this hasn’t been changed yet I don’t know but it seriously P’s me off!).

The classes I have maxed so far are:

Which ones should i go for next and why?

I heard some mention of Archer being good for Delves at higher level and Frostmage because it’s generally irritating to go up against in PVP.

Thoughts, ideas and tips are greatly appreciated folks!

Bard / Frostmage imho

I started doing Bard a while back, before Priest became the Meta.
Looking through the Talent Tree though, a lot of them seem pretty useless. The main reason you’d use it would be for the +1 to all Yellow troop stats.

Frostmage does seem pretty nifty from Traits and Talents, Talents are quite good together.

What I’m hearing so far is FM seems best after Titan.

Anyone know about the Archer thing in more detail?

Runepriest Is actually pretty effective hero class. You get the barrier on brown and a few other traits similar to the titan.

I already have assassin, deathknight, knight, archer, bard, priest and dragon guard to 100. The rest 70 pretty much.
Tough choices if you have those left to do. All fun.

Good luck and hope you have fun with the next class you upgrade. Enjoy. :+1::+1:

Can we all agree necro hero is the worst?



That stays between us though. :wink:

Archer can be pretty sweet with the chance for Insta-kill on skull damage & it’s one of the classes that start with 50% mana. I’ll admit I haven’t used it much since the skill trees & some of the new classes were added but it was quite satisfying back in a day taking out tanks like Gorgotha in 1 shot.

At this point however other classes are stronger or more versatile.


Any classes that could start with half-mana by itself (Ex: Bard, by its Arcane tree) is worth working on, as I can be useful in any modes. Once finish, try the one with support troop that could start with half-mana next. (Ex: Warden, by Forest Guardian)

Weirdly enough, I still never try Titan class once after Class Rework, as it’s already at Champion Level 100 on first day. I was using Titan a lot in Raid/Invasion before Talents are even a thing. :grin:

As it also got Arcane Tree, it’s not so bad. Shadow Tree’s Rising Shadow and Death Tree’s Life Siphon are also quite interesting.

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I use Archer class for my Delves, start with 50% mana, 15% chance for instant skull kill and what I find most useful is entangle first enemy troop at start of battle, which gives you chance to fill up your mana for a few turns without risking any skull damage. I have gone level 500 on Hall of Guardians and Crypt using Archer class.


Once I finished Titan to 100, I switched to Runepriest since it has shield on brown matches and that is the most important trait.

Would be easier to level some of the classes if you could change classes more then once per day without spending 50 gems.


BARD class is the next best one imo :grinning:

I’m partial to the Assassin class. I think it has great synergy between theme and talent trees. However, it does suite a certain playstyle since it relies on several instakill and death mark chances. It status effect and summon heavy.


Bard. In my opinion it’s the best class and I use it constantly.

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I would agree that titan is the best all rounder but after that, it kinda comes down to your playstyle and favoured troops. Titan fans may enjoy rune priest due to instant barrier and added barrier on brown matches etc with added dwarf power. Divine lovers will like priest and skull junkies will like Archer and assassin. My advice would be to progress each to 40 after maxing titan and learn which suits you best as you do so. Lvl 70 is a long way off when u reach 40 particularly when you are so limited in terms of boosting time because of the non stop events that make titan almost obligatory. The 50 gem change fee has gotta go if we are to progress our hero classes. This is particularly true for newer players who must be really struggling gem and resource wise. Maybe we are expected to stump up cash to progress rather than actually play the game, as was previously the case. If that’s the plan the devs have, then I think it will backfire. Most new players will move on to BO4 or redemption for example, where the extended palm is less in your face, than it is in gems. But that’s another thread lol


Bard, Archer, Sorcerer if you like the magic bonus

Imagine if Assassins class also had a 50% mana start out trait.


Necromancy worth a mention as well, good for purple weapons, have many nice skills, fast included and a mana link.

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I like the assassin class. Gives you some powers to immediately kill enemies.

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Assassin, sorcerer

Maybe a off-topic question, but what is the fastest way to level up a hero class? Explorer mode fast run?

Arena. You get 1 point per explore battle, two points per arena battle.