[Poll] Platform Usage


Hello everyone. I was curious if we could get some numbers to see the platform(s) that GoW players on the forums tend to play.

On what platform(s) do you play Gems of War?

  • PC and Mobile
  • PC Only
  • Mobile Only
  • XBox
  • PS4
  • Other Combinations

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[Poll] How much do you play Gems of War?

Where are all the Xbox and PS4 players? 0% for both of them atm, lol.


I originally found this game through the Xbox One but have since moved to playing solely on my Android device. If my progress, etc. could be synced between the Xbox and mobile I’d totally play on both platforms but as it is I’d rather play only one or the other and my phone goes with me to school everyday.


Yeah, I noticed some people on the Steam forums who ended up there from the PS4 and XBox versions. All of them want to convert their account over, but most just settle for PC and/or mobile. That may change some if the console versions get up to date and completely stable.

Also, still 0% on the poll for both. I know you guys are out there somewhere. xD

It currently stands at 50% PC+Mobile with a 25% split for PC and Mobile only.


Tablet only, so voted for ‘other combination’


I believe a tablet would be considered ‘Mobile’ in the current context.


Perhaps mobile should be changed to: Android/iOS


Yeah, tablet would be PC. Just considering mobile as Android/iOS and PC as Steam.


Based on the results, we may have to make another poll and break it down based on how long everyone plays each platform comparative to the other. Something such as 20% PC - 80% mobile as one person’s results.


um… tablet would be running either ios or android or a dumbed down windows but not steam… so tablets should be mobile.