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Hi Everyone, I’m new to this game but find it so much fun even though it’s very hard to understand sometimes and I don’t even know if I’m playing the game right…lol.
My husband and I play it everyday. My question is I have tried to play the game on my laptop and it won’t let me play. It’s not even on my list of games from PS4. I thought maybe I was doing something wrong.
I hope I am posting this in the right place, if not I’m sorry.
So any ideas would be great.

Thank you
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Do you mean to say that currently you are playing the game on Playstation?

If that’s the case, then bad news is that you can’t play the same user on both Playstation and laptop - that sort of crossplatforming is nonexistent.

Playing Gems of War on laptop happens through Steam, so you have to set up a Steam client and install the game there and that would be a new account completely unrelated to the one you have on PS4 (but, on the flipside, Steam can be synchronized with Android/iOS making it possible to play the same account on both laptop and mobile).


I did not know that, thankyou so much for letting me know.

I was playing on my 10" Kindle Fire, 2021 latest edition, 11th generation, which is Android, AND on my 17" HP Pavilion laptop with Windows 10. Early this morning the Kindle updated automatically to the newest release. But when I tried to get on with my laptop, I just get the main screen with a message that there is a new version that will have to be installed. And of course no clue how to install the new version on the laptop. I got GoW for the laptop from Steam, and when I go to Steam, I do not find any way to download and install the new version on the laptop. Help!!!

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Have you been able to get support?

Yes, my question was answered.

The game can be a little overwhelming, so I created (and continually add to) a Tiny Tutorial series of Youtube videos that should be very helpful. This link is to the playlist, so you can scan through and see the titles quickly:


Thankyou for doing that, I will check it out later. :grin:

Hi, Checarda
No, I didn’t try to get support from GoW since it did not help the last time this problem happened. I contacted support the last time, and nothing they suggested helped.
I am able to play on the laptop but not on the Kindle.
I am not sure how much longer I will stay with GoW since I wanted an MMORPG game I could play on my laptop and on the Kindle, but GoW was the only one I could find.
Amazon has set up the Kindle so that it is extremely difficult or impossible to load any games that are not from Amazon. I cannot add games from IndieGala or Steam onto the Kindle. There is a way to add the Google Store to the Kindle, but I have not figured it out yet.

Well thanks for the heads up. I’m still waiting for an answer from them.

Now my login does not work. I have a screenshot saved of the page with my email and login pwd, and I have it written down in two different notebooks, so I know I’m entering it correctly, but supposedly it is not correct. When I use the password reset option, I get an email with a URL to click on, but when I go to that URL, I get this message:
Gems of War Password Reset

Error: Token mismatch

I’ve written Support and hope they can help straighten out the mess, maybe. It looks like there’s a new account stored in the Cloud, (probably caused by my trying to install on my Kindle from a link to the Version 6.1 someone posted on the forum), and I have no idea how to get rid of anything in the Cloud or how to get rid of the new account that I didn’t want.