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Poison.. The unnatural status effect

Thanks to the education provided by @beeflog . Despite playing for 4+ years…I learned tonight that poison can’t be naturally cleansed. There’s always something to learn about GoW. Always.

My recollection is that poison has never been naturally cleansed. If you read the tooltip for most of the status effects, it says “there is a cumulative 10% chance to recover each turn.” but no such text appears for poison.


I wish I could find that mentioned in their guide but the closest I could find was the distinction “most negative status effects can be naturally cleansed”.

Otherwise zero mention of Poison being the only one that can’t be. But fair enough. I’ll update the OP. Thanks!


I wish they would fix the statement that “Blessed cleanses the affected Troop and makes it temporarily immune to all status effects, Devour and Mana Burn.” — this is only true if the troop is not also cursed. CLEANSE will remove curse AND any other negative effect. Bless will ONLY remove curse if it is present. This is mentioned further down in a “tip,” but it does not change the fact that it is utterly untrue that bless cleanses. This error exists also on the in-game tool tip.

It could be corrected by simply saying: “Bless removes curse; or if no curse is present…” then the rest of what it says currently.


Poison has never been naturally cleansed, but it used to not be deadly. When first introduced, it would take a troop down to 1 hit point, but stopped there. That last hit point had to be eliminated by other means.


And that’s how Scorpius became my favourite Mythic.