Status effect should increase the chance of canceling out their polar opposit

so a while a troop can be both burned and frozen since fire melts ice while a troop is frozen if it gets the burning status effect it should increase the chance of thawing out a troop early, so instead of a 10% chance to cure while frozen if the burning status is also applied it would increase to 20% per turn same with burning if a troop gets submerged while submerged the burning would be more likely to be cured since the troop is underwater this would force players to think more carefully on how they play/stack status effects.

and before anyone in the comment section tries to tell me I’m aware essence of evil applies ALL negative status effects and this would hurt the effectiveness of the weapon i thought of that too the devs could alter how curse works so when under the curse effect any statuses that would conflict with one another like frozen and burning would no longer do so so the weapon would work as normal while also making curse troops all the more viable in status effect teams


Yeah, burning and submerged should not be a thing.

But you could also perhaps have other outcomes…

Bleeding + Burning = Boiling Blood (become Enraged)
Bleeding + Poisoned = Contagious (Skull damage causes Disease)
and so on…

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I like it. things like that would force players to think before spamming neg. status effects if like I said curse could be tweaked to make it so statuses don’t combine/cancel each other so curse troops would not only see more use but it would also make it so if a player wants to use a status effect team but doesn’t have a curse troop/a curse troop would fit well it would have them think "if I do X can I be able to kill them before they use it to their advantage

@Kafka @Saltypatra I want you good people’s opinion on this. I don’t want you to tell me no we can’t do this or no it’s not going to happen, I want to know what you think of it. does it sound cool is it a bad Idea is it at all interesting a lot of the time I see the response no this can’t really work, this time I’m asking YOUR feedback on it

Overkill for new players imho.

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this does seem a bit much maybe there could be an option as to whether or not the status effect combine/negate or not that way the players who want a bit of a more challenging/complex game can have it and those that just want to play GoW like it’s always been can just turn the feature off either that or the dev’s can do an open beta to see how people would like something like this before putting it into the main game that way it would at least cushion the backlash cause I know there will be with if this gets added

I like the idea in concept because some concepts don’t gel, submerged and burning probably bring the most obvious. But it turns a simple and fun game into a game of deep strategy and skill. That can be fun too but I don’t think that’s the route to go for this game. And as someone mentioned, it really is overkill for new players.

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My completely PERSONAL opinion right now (I reserve my right to change my mind), in no way affiliated with Infinity Plus Two, keeping in mind that this is coming from me as a PLAYER and I am in no way a designer disclaimer bla bla.

It makes sense as an idea, but no, I wouldn’t like to see it in the game right now.
It’s not that it’s a bad idea, I just feel like it’s probably a level of complexity I personally am not ready for in this game. I enjoy Gems of War because while you can collect Troops and make all sorts of interesting team builds, once you’ve built your team and understand it, you don’t have to think too hard unless you want to. I can relax and match Gems and get comfortable with my team build (Flammifer, Yao Guai, Queen Titania, Tai-Pan 4eva) and not think about the % chances of something triggering or cleansing etc. or if I want I CAN pay a tonne of attention ie, when playing Guild Wars.

I do sometimes enjoy games with that level of complexity and think it’s really fun discovering all the different combinations etc, but for me personally right now it’s just too much for my staple day to day game Gems of War :slight_smile:

Also side note, but as a support agent my brain instantly thinks of how many people things will confuse and how, and I just start having this nightmarish idea of all the support tickets and hate I would receive when effects got cleansed or there was a status effect combo someone wasn’t expecting.

Again these are just my personal opinions, it is an interesting idea but not sure this is the game for it. (Nekk minit Sirrian implements all your ideas and I get quoted forever for saying this) :stuck_out_tongue:


thx for your opinion it’s always nice to hear a dev’s opinion on something from a player’s POV without having to explain the how’s and why’s it can/can’t be added. also if I was a dev and found out this was being added I’d probably have nightmares for a good week before it got released just because of all the testing that would have to be done

It’s an interesting idea but I’d want clear documentation, either from the devs or extensive player testing, of the mechanics of all the current status effects before introducing even more complicated mechanics.

This recent thread about Reflect is a great example of how unclear mechanics can be. Other older status effects might be more well understood, but there’s no single resource I’ve seen that documents how they all work. You have to dig through the forums if you want to find details.

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Is blessed supposed to remove curse?

yes is does

It didn’t. :roll_eyes:

I just cast Good on Tina. Yet she remained silent and what not. :man_shrugging:

OOOH blessed no curse removes blessed for some reason I saw cleanse my bad no it’s the other way around

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Interesting. It looks like if you are cursed, and you cast bless, it only cancels the curse, while leaving the other negative statuses intact.

I wonder if cleanse would behave similarly.

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Target has positive effects, curse dispels and curses
Target has positive effects and bless, curse only removes bless


Target has negative effects, bless cleanses and blesses
Target has negative effects and curse, bless only removes curse


I think this is the best we have just now, is it enough?

All status effects and immunity Traits

It explains the basics, but doesn’t cover everything in detail. For example, Barrier doesn’t mention that it blocks Devour, which is an important benefit.

It’s just my personal preference though. I wouldn’t expect the devs to stop developing something like this just because I (or others) feel there isn’t enough documentation currently. There is also a GoW Wikia where we could start adding information too.


Do we really want:

Freeze enemy, clear burning and faerie from enemy.

You could do it if you put the extra effect in the text. But I dunno, seems not worth it.

While would add some “logic” to the game (if for that i would also like real critical hits then, not that my 500 attack potioned hero do 500 damage with a 3 skull hit and 502 damage with an amazing “CRITICAL HIT!” of 5 skulls ;p) look like everyone forgot a little and not important detail.

In that game isnt that every debuff go a separate chance to cleanse, all share the same cumulative chance of the last debuff applied and when it proc ALL the debuffs get cleanse at once (is enough play a bit around with EoE to hate that).

So i suspect applying those “improvements” would mean a LOT of work and a change to the basic of how debuffs and chance of cleanse work, doubt will ever happen lol.