Impervious troop not entirely Impervious to Essence of Evil

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Impervious troop should be immune to all status effects. The boss Behemoth acquired bleed and burning after casting Essence of Evil on him though.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?

Have not tried to reproduce.

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If I’m not mistaken, the glorious Essence of Evil inflicts curse on Impervious troops which makes them ‘less’ impervious. After that
all you need to do is to hit them with EoE second time.

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Curse bypasses impervious. Working as intended.

So yes Curse (which is the main culprit) is working as intended.
The text still not changing for Impervious troops to reflect that is in fact a bug or negligence? Whichever way you want to slice that tomatoe.
While we’re here, blessed should also mention the Immunity from Transforms.
There’s a certain dev who loves to remind me how only a small number of GoW players use the forums. I imagine even less use the game guides (which could state it for all I know). Regardless, I only know that bless protects from transform thanks to the Forums. Nothing in game would tell me that. Which causes a lot of players to learn to the hard way. Seems less than ideal.

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Please join my thread to document how status effects are supposed to interact:

Right now it’s not documented. So nobody can tell you if this is a bug or it isn’t except the devs. And since we don’t have proof there’s even “an intended order”, we can’t be sure their answer yesterday and their answer today will be the same.

Basically: instead of “all status effects applied at once”, the status effects are applied one by one in an undocumented order. So everything after Curse might apply, or if Curse then Stun is applied more things are applied.

But since it’s not documented, any patch could change the order without making it a bug.

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Well, then the bug would be “why only those two status effects”

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Its just the order in which the status affects are applied. Most of the affects are applied before curse (hence why impervious shrugs them off) and only those applied after curse disables impervious stick.

Typically Impervious troops get Curse and Bleed from the first cast of EoE, since Bleed was released/implemented after Curse (from what I’ve read in other threads).

I’m pretty sure Burn is just there because a 4 match was made with Infernus on your team (you can see all the other troops burning), and Behemoth is now susceptible to other Status Effects due to Curse.

Hey, thanks for reporting this I’ve made a bug report for the dev team to look into.

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