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Ways to make Gems of War more about fun, less about making money

Now that the title of the thread is one that no one on the Infinity Plus 2 staff will ever be tempted to click on. (And if one does comment it’s due to one of their informants sending then a DM…be real.:slightly_smiling_face:)

Who wants to bet monopoly money on how long it will take the devs to update the “game guide” to include Lycanthropy post 5.4 release? So far a week hasn’t been enough time. :roll_eyes:


I bring this up because a fawrmily member asked if Lycanthropy has a chance to self cleanse. Of which I have no idea. And just recently learned, as of a month ago. Poison was/is the only negative status effect that can’t/couldn’t be self-cleansed.


I think it might. Seems I saw something (maybe in the patch notes?) that said it has a chance to turn a troop “until it clears”, which lead me to believe it could clear by itself. Of course, I could also have imagined the whole thing.

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I thought all negative status effects have a cumulative 10% chance to recover with every turn (including Lycanthropy… excluding Poison)