Please Update Tower of Doom Stage 7 Reward

3500 Gold and a Portrait is so uninspiring… Every time I see this reward it feels like you basically get nothing for completing this stage. It needs to be spiced up a bit.

How about at least adding 5 arcane single color traitstones that match the current tower’s doom color? People need those to power up the doom troops anyway, so it would be a fitting reward. Throw in the 5 gems that most of the previous stages have and stage 7 won’t feel like such a waste, and will stop being a progress killer for lower level guilds.


I second this but I’m going to ask for something insane like a mythic troop or power orbs. I always find that if want something like arcane trait stones I always ask for something crazy like 50 times the value of what I want ie. Power Orbs and Mythic cards. This way when they laugh their asses off at my insane request they’ll be like ‘throw the kid some arcane trait stones. That’s all he gets and he’s gonna like it’.

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Anything that works lol