Rant/Serious Question: Why is the Tier 7 Tower reward so insultingly useless?

Maybe it’s me, I could see that, but 3.5k gold and a portrait seems like an insult. My guild isn’t very active, so it’s hard work to get to Tier 7, let alone beyond. But why even bother? I don’t care for the portrait, and the gold can be earned more easily.
The previous keys and traitstones at least are useful, even though they lose value as one progresses.

Is this supposed to be some sort of challenge hump, to show determination? Or just another punishment of non-elite guilds?

Non-rant: the suggestions on the right actually found a thread that fits my rant:

Interestingly it’s over 2 years old and apparently no one saw it/cared about it. Guess my rant will end up the same. Oh well, at least I could get it out of my system :smiley: