Please stop flag spamming

There has been, in my experience, an abundance of posts being flagged for no reason lately as evidenced most recently here…

It seems to me that some people are abusing the flag system to simply shut down a thread they dont like or as a means of “getting” someone they dont like. This is detrimental to the community as a whole and i plead for it to stop.

@Ozball @Saltypatra i know it is the weekend so i only ask for you guys to look into this come Monday and not waste your weekend dealing with this matter. I of all people fully understand how precious the weekend can be.:sunglasses:


This is something I would like to address next week. There has been a large uptick in the amount of posts flagged as spam, when they are clearly not.

Some of these flags are relevant, but overwhelmingly some players are flagging posts they simply disagree with.


Thank you @Saltypatra

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This is hilarious now! I have had yet another post flagged by the community for no reason! Is it not bad enough that ppl are calling for me to be banned?

Whatever… Go ahead and keep flagging all my posts amd yes i have a pretty good idea who is doing it and you all are petty and childish…

The whole argument started this time because i had the nerve to say that i dont lose to wisp teams… It would seem to me that the act of having a different experience against a troop that many people are crying about is enough for those cryers to flag my posts just to try and shut me up

Why shut me up? Because they dont want anyone to tell the community or the devs any information that doesnt support nerfing the troop they cant beat.

Simple as that

Dude, didn’t you start a thread with the title ‘should I be banned’? Or words to that effect anyway. I replied to you in that one with some friendly advice, the fact that you chose not to like or reply was surprising. :slightly_frowning_face:
There’s been a lot of flags placed for what looks like disagreement, so I do hope this is looked at but imo there’s more important stuff to worry about.

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Tbh i have spent most of the day pissed and i dont know i even saw your post brudda… I will go back and look tho. I didnt ignore you deliberately

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I dont think i am not forum compatible brudda i think the problem is that there are too many people here that cant stand when someone disagrees with them and get even more angry when they cant bully that person into silence… So having said that maybe the fact that i am both of those things perhaps you are right and i am not forum material…

Oh well i am sure i will be banned soon anyway…