Stop the annoying excessive flagging


Come on people!

Whoever is doing it, please stop the stupid flagging for no reason in the GW discussion topic!

There is (virtually) nothing there that needs to be flagged and you’re bliocking the one topic that we’re supposed to use for the current situation in GW.

I just had to wait 8 hours to respond to that topic and to try to get clarification on the developers new rule about defenses in GW. :frowning:

Let’s try to behave like we’re all adults here, OK?


I was amazed that you were able to get your post in within the 3 minutes that thread was unlocked. Well done!


copy-paste from word… :wink:


You see the problem here is that there are no devs around to clear the existing flags. That is why the thread keeps returning to lockdown. I agree that there is also a problem with people flagging posts just cuz they dont like the person making the post and i have been complaining about that for weeks

Maybe now that it isnt my posts being flagged unnecessarily something will be done about it


I was going to say the same thing. There will be another auto-lock in 4 hours and then when Salty or Oz can get around to clearing flags, the thread can stay open for a while.

You’d think if it is the same people that keep flagging posts that it would be pretty simple to tell them to stop and then banhammer them if they persist. Maybe I don’t understand the nuances, though.


Yes… You would think. Only thing i can figure is it isnt always the same people. Maybe just flagging people you dont like has become so pervasive that its always different people which complicates things no doubt


Maybe they need to remove the “first flag” badge. With the way things are right now, it’s like giving your dog a pat on the head for crapping on the carpet.


Lolololol i must admit this made me lol


lol good one Stan!:sweat_smile:


Hopefully that doesn’t get this thread locked. If so, I’m sorry @Darkness and I’ll go back to vanilla yogurt.


A lot of these issues would go away if they would finally find a moderator in the US or Europe timezone.


Yes, but who? I’d hope Salty has already asked anyone who would check the necessary boxes (location, respect, temperament and, most importantly, willing).


Good question that I don’t have the answer to. However, does anyone know of anyone who have been asked? I have not seen that anyone has claimed they have been approached. I bet they could find someone to do it for a re-occuring path to glory package…:slight_smile:


I don’t know of anyone who’s been asked, but if I were Salty, I would tell anyone I was asking not to say anything about it, so I’m not surprised.


All right all right i can take a hint… I will be a mod since you all want me to…


P.S. that was a joke lol



Thank you brudda!


Sorry @Vangor see he said “temperament” in there as a requirement…:slight_smile:


@Vangor hehe, maybe one day when you learn to manage your raging! :wink:


What are you trying to say? I have the temperament of a baby kitten…