Can someone explain this please

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This is right now.

So this means all 30 members used a pure color team, won all 5 battles, and scored an average of 9.2k!!


It’s very possible. Risin’Phreekz did 269k the other day.

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I agree it’s also possible. Doing it week after week would be more questionable though again not impossible.

Last week the same guild averaged 267k per day.

A guild that performs like that deserves the highest praise!

However I think Vangor might be onto something. Lets see where this goes.


Almost 278k points. lol

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Flagged. This sort of unreasonable and unsupportable suspicion does no good for anyone.


Also very possible. Guild Wars is a team effort and sounds like this guild has a winning strategy.

Im glad you flagged it… And i am glad you righteously announced it to the world. I am also glad that asking questions and being suspicious is a crime in your world.

Thanks for the input RS. Charming as usual


In fact i made sure that this wasnt a call-out… And btw… The last time there was suspicious activity it turned out that there were actually coyotes in the hen house and the devs took care of it.

So “doesn’t do any good” i think is false.


Well. I had hoped this could be a civil discussion (stupid of me i know) but since people have proven once again they are incapable of it i am asking @Lyya please lock this before it gets any further out of hand.

Now rather than seek explanation i will just submit reports of any suspicious activity in the future and the devs can sort it out.

As for now, i am leaving this thread with the hopes that lyya will heed my request.

Have a nice day.

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Community guidelines state that any suspicious activity should be reported directly to the devs and not in public threads. You know this, and yet you insist on doing it anyway. You were flagged for being in violation of community guidelines. If you are capable of staying on the right side of the guidelines, I won’t have to do this anymore.

Edited to add: You were on a tear not too long ago about people secretly flagging your posts. Since I have nothing to hide, I wanted to be up front with you about who flagged it and why. If I misunderstood your motivation, my apologies.


Thank you @RiverSong for being a mod. We need more of those.

Funny thing tho… @Saltypatra threatened to ben me for citing the guidelines at people but i am happy to see that doesnt apply to you.

Please continue being a mod and policing the forums, you are doing a bang up job!

Now please @Lyya lock this thread before it gets worse. I implore you!

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Nothing I have done in this threadis wrong. You, on the other hand . . .

Hahahaha hahahaha sorry.

Ok… I just have one question. If i were your friend or guildie would you still have flagged me? Hell… If i were ANYBODY else would you have flagged me?

I suspect no.

You have been itching to flag me for anything you could find and i bet it has been burning you up that you couldnt find anything to flag me for so you jumped om the first thing that you could justify to yourself.

Again… Thanks for being the forum police RS i dont know what we would do without you…

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Yes, I would have flagged you. Anyone posting that topic would get a flag from me because it is against the guidelines.

I don’t bear you any personal animosity, @Vangor, despite what you think.

Ok i cant talk to someone who is going to tell lies right to my face… I have been honest and expect the same in kind. This statement is a slap in the face.

We’re done here… Good day.

Edit: After thoroughly reading the community guidelines there is absolutely no mention of this

If i missed it please point it out to me


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Here is what I would call the applicable post. While you might say calling out a guild, isn’t what it talks about, I would say a corollary to it, calling out any group of players, through guild name or other unique identifier, is against the rules.