Can someone explain this please


I didnt mention players in forum posts, on discord, in global chat, or go after anyone. Furthermore i never said i thought anyone was cheating. I simply said it was suspicious.

I appreciate you finding this @Esoxnepa but i still dont think i broke the rules…

No matter how many of rivers friends flag my posts…


Unless you edited your post, you didn’t, technically, even say that. At most, you implied it.


You are correct @Stan i never actually said it was suspicious but i did imply it. And i did so knowingly.

I believe suspicion is legal to express here and i rebuke the allegations made of me.

Btw no hostility is directed at you stan (just in case it reads that way)


No hostility taken, but I think I just realized why this topic would get heated and am going to back away now.


@Eika… come make us laugh then we can get back to exploring the question which as far as I know OP is allowed to ask.


Captain Harold


As the writer of the Community Guidelines, I feel that this thread violates them. Call outs aren’t acceptable. The proper way to deal with suspicions such as these is to contact our support department. As such, this thread is now closed.