Player Reporting Policy

There’s been a lot of controversy this week regarding cheating accusations and player reports, so I think it’s high time we shed some light on how we treat these concerns.

  1. It is company policy that we do not comment on player investigations. We do not do so when they are opened, when they are active, or when they are resolved. In the past we have, but for some time now, and moving forward, we will not comment on players accused of cheating. We do this so as not to cause even more issues amongst the community, or create any witch hunts where they are unnecessary. If a player hasn’t been banned, this means we did not find them cheating.
  2. We take every player report seriously and investigate them accordingly. This is all done internally. Unfortunately, we cannot shed light on what we do to investigate players, as it will make it easier for cheaters to work around our methods and exploit the game further. Please rest assured that we go to great lengths to investigate players and have several different processes in order to do so. We have also implemented more ways to catch players recently, and as a result have been banning more hackers than ever before. You don’t hear about this as it goes against our policy to post the names of the players we have banned.
  3. As we cannot divulge the methods we use to find cheaters, this also means that players don’t know what to report in order to prove that another player is cheating. That is fine, as I mentioned earlier, we use several processes to find out if a player is cheating. All the evidence that we get sent in player reports cannot be used by our team. The best course of action is to report the player and then let us take it from there.
  4. In the Community Guidelines it is stated that we do not accept call outs. I have been a bit lax enforcing this rule as some of the people doing it are long term players, but in future I will be more strict.
  5. Please make sure to report the players to us via PM or in a support ticket. Do not mention players you think to be cheating in forum posts, on Discord, in global chat, or go after them personally.

I know that this is not what a lot of you want to hear, and I understand that you are frustrated. However, this is our policy on player reports and cheating concerns. If a player hasn’t been banned, they have not been found cheating.

(Before anyone asks, we are still investigating defense wins and losses.)


Is this a problem exclusive to PC/Mobile players? I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone I’ve suspected of cheating on Xbox. I’d imagine it’s far harder to cheat on console as well.


Indeed. It primarily effects PC/Mobile players.


The truth is that you cannot detect these cheaters and they will continue to spoil the leaderboard. So do we really have to care about your company policy in this condition? In all cases, I don’t see how your message could cool the anger of some players here…

You always complain that you are a small team but some small other teams smartly use their community (like adding more langages, moderators, etc.). So you don’t want to share with the players who give proofs like what, they could use these informations to cheat? If players understand now that whatever they do, cheaters will never get punished, the only solution for them is to leave your game…

Please find a solution for this project, the community really needs something positive.


We are still developing our server-side cheat detection and believe that this is the best solution long-term. It’s coming along nicely, has been showing us lots of cheaters already, and although we’ll need to be constantly vigilant about keeping it updated, we believe it will work out well.

We also do get translators from our community, and pay them quite well for our trouble. We have several more language in the pipeline.

As I have said in the build a troop thread, once our competition has been finished and announced (which is soon!) I will be putting more energy into doing what I can to get it off the ground.


Very well said Salty, it is what I wanted to hear.
Cheaters do get caught but it cannot be easy.
The best thing players can do if they have concerns is to privately report a suspected player. If you are right they will be banned.


Good luck ;-).

Oh it’s still community based translation :slight_smile: .
But why only 5 langages? I know a 2-months old game that opened their Steam workshop specially for community translation and there is up to 17 langages (much less text than in GoW for sure and I don’t know if the quality is good or not)…

This project created a huge hype in the community that was crushed because of “legal stuff”. And we don’t have any news since one year (aside the “soon and co”). Looking forward for a good news.

Can we have some update for the open API? Because with the new uncrypting process + files not usable, I personnally cannot manage anymore my application… And I’m not the only one…

We like to pay our translators, and there is a whole lot of text that needs to be translated. (Over 100,000 words in fact!) Also, we need to support different alphabets and sure that the quality of translation is up to scratch. This makes it take more time for localisations to be released. That being said, we have 2 new languages that will be released this year, Russian and Chinese.

The open API is on our to do list. We won’t have any time to look further into it until everyone has made the move to Unity.

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You pay them with dollars or in-game currency? It seems that you choose one langage and ask some volunteers.
On the game that I talked, whoever can create a mod, so there is some corean, hungarian, etc. Just to share some good ideas ;-).

Sorry it seems I mix two different things… The open API will allow us to obtain in-game data of players which is not crucial for me (and some others). But the files (pictures and xml) are crucial. And even with the open API, files will not there…
So is there any solution, please?

We pay them with real cash money. We are happy with the way we find translators (many of which are sourced from our community.) Just because it might seem one way to you, doesn’t mean that’s the way it is, or that’s how it works on our end. :slight_smile:

Anything to do with the API will be looked into after mobile moves to Unity.

I just think that on one hand, you have your pride to do all your stuff by yourself without the community (result: 5 langages in 2.5 years) and on the other hand, you use your community to help you (result: 19 langages in 2.5 months).
But, I’m not from your “game maker” world so I surely don’t have a full overview of the real situation ;-).

With Unity being the new game engine, do you plan to open the Steam workshop so community could propose some mods (not translation ones of course :stuck_out_tongue: )?

It’s not even on our radar at the moment. We need to focus on more immediate problems than considering opening the game to the Steam Workshop.

Please let us fix the game and get everything in line first. Oh, and crafting released.


Is there any way that in guild wars we can see who is playing each other in our guild war group so that if we think 2 guilds are colluding we can report that! Right now we know who we play but not who everyone else plays!

There is no way to do so currently. If you suspect guilds of colluding you are welcome to report them to us. We have heard rumours of this happening but have seen no evidence thus far.

ok thank you!

I know this is probably not the best place to put this but Guild Wars is a problem in this game in it’s current form and I have a solution! Some people in guilds just will not participate they are not good at it and wont upgrade their sentinels! My fix to this would be to have an opt in button for everyone in the guild and take average points instead of total points so that if you have someone who does not participate as long as they did not opt in it wont effect you! This will stop people from leaving guild because they like GW and are tired of losing and it will stop top guild from stealing your players because they are sending you PM’S telling you if you get tired of losing those 1500 gems come join us! On xbox1 the same guild has won every single week and we have lost players to them because of this issue! If you take average points from opt in players you take away their recruiting tool! This seems to me an easy solution to keep everyone happy and stop the bleed of losing players because they hate guild wars! If a player in guild does not opt in they also get no reward from guild war!

Just PM the developers or Saltypatra if you have proof of shenanigans. Although I think you might be borderline paranoid if you seriously think 2 guilds leaders can keep 60 people in line and on the same page via the internet.


This isn’t a good idea. Averages can be manipulated. Take just the few best consistent players and they should outscore a whole team averagewise. Plus how do you handle someone who leaves or worse, someone who sabotages things.

If you’re bracket 1 then find a way to make your team better. If you’re not then it’s not going to matter much since most teams get the same reward anyway. I’ve been in several guilds on the ps4 and those that want to win do what they can to improve rather than saying we need to change the system so we can win. Heck even the guild that won all 7 weeks so far isn’t resting on their laurels.

Yeah there probably should be some tweaking to the system but this but this suggestion is the wrong way to go about it.


you can sabotage in current system too! Just get recruited and sit! Sounds like I have come up with a good solution but top guild wants to keep broken system so as they don’t lose their 1500 gems they get every week! I don’t need to make my team better it probably already outscores your! I’m trying to come up with a solution that keeps people in the guild they are in without the pressure of guild wars! If you have another solution post it! just saying improve does not cut it with the people that don’t want to play it! There will be in most guilds people that opt in that are not very good because they want the resources so to say you are just going to take the top few is ridiculous! The opt in button will not be controlled by group leader! It would be your choice!