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Please quit boning players over with Bone Dragon

Much like you had to nerf Bone Dragon due to it bullying ranked PvP too much years ago. Any form of Bone Dragon over level 300 is ridiculously OP and should not exist as opponent. EVER!
Whether it’s World Events, Delves or Tower of Doom.
Unsurprisingly, it’s probably only OP because those events restrict players options to counter it. Resulting in a completely unbalanced game.

If your weapons are prejudice against Brown Mana potions “due to balance”. Then your designers should also be prejudice against Bone Dragons being an opponent in any event that restricts troop options.

Then again, Boned Rag(e) On(e)s is how you named the troop so perhaps the frustration is 100% intended.


I agree pretty stupid. It’s getting to the point that the best way to avoid frustration is just skip the world event. If it’s this hard for high level players then I have no clue how low level player even start. Might have been ok if skull damage also increased with event medals. It seems like they want to make sure you can’t beat and crazy when all 4 battles are bone dragon.


Eh, I handled Bone Dragon fine until level 410 at three tier purchase. Other people with further along accounts could likely do more. To finish the event today I bought tier 6 at which point Bone Dragon wasn’t a concern anymore.

Ideally if a fight is too difficult, you can just skip it. My only gripe with Bone Dragon is that sometimes it was the only choice. Providing a difficult fight with a limit, where past a certain level it is just brutal, is fine if and only if there are other choices.


I put level 300 because at this rate they are going to introduce events where the only way to get stat boosts is real money. They’ll make gems worthless to end gamers similar to glory.
It’s not like bugs have never existed in the game. But for a time it was getting better. But ever since the acquisition and the announcement of PQ3… the issues have gotten more worse than better.
More and more I’m under the belief that they are sabotaging Gems of War in hopes of pushing folks over to PQ3.

Because like you eluded to in your comment. Bone Dragon is only bad you have to choose him. In your eyes it’s not still bad if it’s just an option. Just like Gems of War is quickly becoming only designed and ran by bots. While the human attention goes to the old, but new, IP. Each game won’t look as bad as long as they have each other as an option.

Hopefully the bots listen better to feedback than their designers do.