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Definitive Proof Bone Dragon Needs a Nerf | Level 54 vs Level 1,039

A level 54 using a level 1 Bone Dragon and a team score of 2,355 DEFEATS a level 1,039 with a legit defend team that has a team score of 8,752.

Can Bone Dragon spawn less skulls now? @Sirrian @Nimhain


at this point…almost hope they buff it in some way to troll all these nerf posts xD


Oh dear. It’d be funny if it wasn’t so… wrong…

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It’s hard to say whether this is bone dragon OR the stupid AI on defense. I pulled similar crap like this all the time when I first started playing, invading people that were ten or even twenty times higher than my level, and I was just using an infinite loop team of Finley, Alchemist, Valk, and Terraxis. None of those guys are anywhere near as broken as some troops in this game.


It’s been so repetitive that it’s already settled and scheduled:
2016 GoW meme -> Buff Dokkalfar.
2017 GoW meme -> Nerf Bonedragon.


As someone who uses Bone Dragon in the regular lineups…


So a much weaker team with phenomenal luck with gem creation and a strong skull creator managed to beat a much stronger team that was staggeringly unlucky and never got a single match-4 that would have ended the match, even when the AI used a mass gem transformer.


I have no dog in this race since I really couldn’t care less about Bone Dragon, and I don’t care if he stays the same or gets needed. Whatever. My problem is that you’re cherry-picking to the extreme, then dressing it up with impressive-sounding but largely irrelevant data to boot.


That was not actually particularly lucky. There’s 0 evidence of cherry picking, either, and it’s pretty messed up that you’d just fabricate an accusation like that.

I suggest we merge dokkalfar with bone dragon to create a more balanced undead centaur. Maybe it can create skulls and summon skeletons, I dunno. Or to troll, let dokkalfar summon bone dragons xD


We called it…God.


I’m famous! Well…sorta. Anyway everyone please attack me more k thx.


Or just don’t play against bone dragon if you don’t like facing him?

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Yeah bone dragon is too OP. Sturdy makes it unkillable. Change it to Stealthy for balance :stuck_out_tongue:

75% of all my offers contained Bone Dragon until this past week when people started using more Giants, many of which were legitimately fun, challenging matches.

The “avoid it” argument holds absolutely no water for high level players, nearly everybody is using him.


Really? Well this high level player is quite caple of not playing teams I don’t like playing against. Strangely enough it involves not clicking on that team.
But I don’t feel the compulsion to only choose one level of opponent. I know it’s inconceivable to some but I choose what opponent is fun to play in this game
Oh and let me add your statement that everyone is using him is completely false.

There was some luck involved. I used my main account on the exact same team, an account with every kingdom to 5 stars, and lost to it due to not having sufficient board control for the Krakens and the Krakens triggering 2 devours in a row.

The difference with my lower account was the use of board control and the fact that an eventual Kraken cast had a 0% chance to devour. Gems were taken off the board in a way that would prevent him from taking any extra turns. Bone Dragon and Dryad casts were saved for the board having an abundance of them. Dragotaur was used in a column that had basically no chance of negative result. The only mistake that was really made was the 4x skulls all the way to the right half way through that stood there for 2 turns without me or the AI taking it.

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That is true. The problem is the game rarely ever rebalance anything and rarely supply sufficient counters, such as anti-casting traits like Puzzle Quest had to prevent infinite looping, strong skull damage reflect traits to prevent skull spamming on troops with stun protection (damage reduction means nothing to skull spam), and cast damage reduction (we have 4 different forms of skull protection with 2 weak reflects, yet 0 for magic other than inscribed).

The main issue with pretty much every troop ever called OP in this game is that basically no counter exists for them and many of them have never had their stats rebalanced through the progression of the game.

The first few patches of Gems of War had dozens of rebalances every single update. It ended up stopping completely for some time, then replaced with a kingdom by kingdom rework system that we currently have now. I feel like their current method of balancing doesn’t work exceptionally well as with 26 kingdoms and rising, it takes around half a year just to go through a cycle of rebalance, many of which are already outdated. Since 2-3 patches have likely passed in that time, past rebalances need new rebalances.

I’m fine with having unbalanced troops if proper counters would exist for such, but until such solutions are released they should at least be contained. There is currently a system in this game set up to account for the biggest majority of the game in the mid-level range, but it does not account for extremely low levels or extremely high levels and how boost ratios effect them. There are boost ratios at low levels and different ones at high levels that can essentially or literally team wipe an entire team in a single cast.


At the current time, I’d rather see other cards beefed up a bit to make them better rather than nerf Bone Dragon. Given the very limited meta for Defend teams, Bone Dragon is great for defeating those level 1200 opponents so I can earn 900 base gold :-/


The only problem with this is that a lot of times every option has the OP troops that aren’t fun to face. So you can’t always say “just don’t face them” unless you expect people to use their gems (which I would never do) to keep rolling the dice to get a better match up.

I don’t like to face the easiest option because that player usually doesn’t have anywhere near the amount of bonuses I do and so it’s an extremely uneven match that isn’t fun. But Most of the time for me that’s my only bone dragon or manticore or EK less team. Also this event system has been an absolute nightmare for me because I don’t always like the event troops for my offense team and have to face troops that have like a million stats because they are buffed to high heavens… that further limits the pool.

So yeah, it’s not so easy to just not play against them if you still want decent gold and trophies and glory from your battle.


I have a problem with the terminology used in this thread.

Bone Dragon needs fixing, not nerfing. It’s broken. It wasn’t intended to work the way it does now in the endgame.

The fix would probably result in a net decrease in power, yes, so some might call it a nerf - but to me a nerf is a deliberate and direct balance change.