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My turn to add to the Bone Dragon controversy


Nice video, Krudler. :smile_cat: I completely agreed with your BD analysis as well.


Keep up the good work, Krudler! :slight_smile:

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Well said, Krudler. I think that summarizes the grievances quite well.

As compared to @Jainus’, though, your explanation does differ slightly from a lack of :cheese: .


I had to go search to find what you were talking about! As I sort of alluded to in my video I don’t usually involve myself in heavy troop discussions so 90% of the time I have no idea what’s going on LOL

I gotta say @Jainus, that was a most hilarious read!!!

Jainus’ post: Bone Dragon Gets a BUFF?

Awesome video Krudler! Thank you for creating and sharing!


Just wondering why it took so long before people start saying BD is overpowered

Some of us have been saying it for a long time. However it’s gotten worse and worse recently because:

  • ever increasing Armour stats mean the skull scaling is now untenable (a while back, Devs had to nerf everything that made gems scaling with magic as the board has a fixed size and once you got to 12+ gems you were guaranteed an extra turn and more - somehow BD evaded that very logical change)
  • Mantibore is overpowered and is a natural skull attacker, so defences are logically putting BD in support as the best skull maker
  • Courage’s trait (also overpowered) is broken and triggers multiple times on BD casts, so defences have started showing CCBD combos as well

There’s always some meta troops and styles better than others. Sometimes this is because something is broken and starts ruining the game (Webspammer, TrueShot, Maw’sThirdTrait), sometimes troops are above average strength and get popular. The first one makes PvP soul-destroying as 1000s of players set the same RNG annoyance defence, either to be nasty to others or they wrongly believe that PvP defences noticeably benefit their ladder progress. The second goes is cycles of fashion and normally moves on before it gets too prevalent.


Destroy X+ magic armor instead of all.
problem solved

Good idea, with fine-tuning, that could work. Needs caution though, and might not be a good long term fix if Magic stat continues to grow much.

X should be about 6? And the boost ratio move to 4:1.

In the end-game that’s still gonna be 8 + 20/4 = 13 skulls onto the board, which is a guaranteed extra turn really, but not screen-filling.

In the earlier game, it’s still 10 skulls onto the board which is a high chance of a crit / extra turn.

From observation and playing / abusing Webspammer for a long time, the sweet spot for gem creation is 10-11.

  • 7 or less, generally more likely to give the enemy a good board
  • 8-9 better (apart from DB which removes a column first and greatly skews its chance of an extra turn)
  • 10 about 50/50
  • 11 more likely to get extra turn and keep the board
  • 12 almost guaranteed the extra turn
  • 13+ broken

it is an infinite loop team that features 2x bone dragon…i still do not have green sear and my bone dragon is mia for some reason.

Thanks for sharing that… I’ve been using Sea Troll in one of my alt-builds that I play when I get bored of the same team over and over… one thing I had been pondering was the sweet-spot for how many Blues on the board to wait for before casting. I intuited that 13 was the sweet-spot… thank you thank you thank you for sharing your experience as it will save me a lot more experimentation!!!

Really anything over ten has pretty good odds. It depends on how tight the match is.

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