Please help me set up a new team

I have been playing for a while now (level 359) and today is the first time I searched for information on GoW. Everything I know about the game was discovered by casually exploring in the game. I have a pretty good team, but I’m getting super tired of it:

Lava Troll (for tanking and high attack)
Dark Troll (create purple for Jester)
Court Jester (create red for dark troll -> endless loop!)
Glaycion (blow up everything when 4+ red/skulls or 4+ blue/yellow in a row)

I have found a ton of team suggestions online, but I don’t have most of the troops/weapons. It’s probably because I joined a random guild and I’m basically the only active player. I would have joined another one, but sometimes I take 2-3 days of in a row and I don’t want to be hassled about it. Anyway, could someone please recommend a team for me from the troops I do have or tell me where to delve or whatever to get the troops that I need? My list:

Thank you so much!

I’ll give you an explore team to get you started. Sunbird, War and Peace, Firebomb x2. Start building up your classes. Start with the Thief class so you can get the weapon Skeleton Key. Once you have that weapon you can add Cedric, Egg Thief, and Greed or Leprechaun for a nice strong team. I’m sure others will chime in.


Hah! What a fun group. Thanks! Looking forward to getting the Skeleton Key.

Here are few random thoughts:

Definitely need to start incorporating the hero onto your teams, and definitely need to start buying event weapons. Not sure if you’ve unlocked the underworld, but the weekly faction events let you buy the faction weapons, many of which are better than what you have. You do have some good hero weapons through mastery, such as Mountain Crusher and Mang, so I would use one of those with your team (using the hero in place of Lava Troll). Start working on the good hero classes too - Thief is one, Titan is another strong choice.

Building around Glaycion was the right thought, he’s easily your strongest troop. I saw you have Umberwolf, whose constant purple storm (from his third trait) can be fun to pair with explosions to generate lots of purple mana.

Other than swapping in hero for Lava Troll, your teambuilding concept is pretty sound. You may consider swapping Court Jester out for a converter like Hellcat, who’s probably slightly more reliable in looping with Dark Troll, but that’s a pretty modest improvement.

If you play on Xbox I can get you into a guild that won’t hassle you for taking breaks here and there. You won’t be the only active player, so you’ll get a few more statue rewards than you get now.

Let me know—or join Les détestables yourself! :smiley:

@Mana_Surgeon I have unlocked the underworld, but I can’t find what you mean. The current event is “Week of Karakoth”.Where do I buy the weapons? I have never seen them anywher. Thanks for the great info.

@Magnusimus I would love to, but I play on Android.

It’s under the “Games” tab. Every Tuesday there is a different faction event, and you can buy the weapon for that faction using gems in the event shop.

When a new faction releases (like this coming weekend), there is a weekend event and you can buy that faction’s weapon all weekend long.

Found it. Thanks! Is it typically worth going past tier IV or should I stop there?

Some pretty standard teams are:

  1. sunbird/2 firebombs/hero (good for speed explores), will be rendered pretty much obsolete in next update due to dificulty removal.
  2. Forest troll - 2 x king gobtruffle - The maraji queen, one of the most powerful looping teams, able to clear every challenges, pet rescues and all non-event content in general.
  3. Cedric - Eg Thief - Skeleton Key - Greed. THE one and only goldfarming pvp team.
  4. Sheggra-based teams, like hero/MC - sheggra - lord ember - lamashtu/gimlet stormbrew, a bit risky skull spam team, as it’s rng dependant. But when rng is nott against you, it will destroy pretty much everything.
  5. Moira Cragheart - hero/thief/the new faction weapon (forgot its name) - deck hand - king bloodhammer, doomskull killing machine.

Until you get to the point where you’re trying to get to the higher floors of the delve, I would just stop at Tier IV.

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I’ve been having a really good time with this build:

Anointed One
Queen Ysabelle