Is this a good team? Can I improve it?

I made this team basically at the beginning of the game ( Sword of heroes - Lava element - Ranger - Baba Yaga) Now its (Anu’s Sceptre - Gargoyle - Zephyros - Xerodar) You guys have any suggestions on any troops that would make it better? Usually, my team would have a damage all enemy troop then the main hitter and a strong hitter such as the Xerodar.

Class - Warlord(Level 80) Avatar Level = 176

(I plan on keeping Anu’s Sceptre)

I am sure there are plenty who could give a pointer or two but it’s really difficult without knowing what troops/weapons you have. A little more info needed. Your level and class progressions too.

Yes of course! My class is Warlord (Level 80) My avatar level is 176

I can give you my Legendary troops if that would give a better Idea Abhorath, Carnex, Celestasia, Garuda, Keeper of souls, Kraken, Lady Morana, Magnus, Prince Ethoras, Psion, Sol’Zara, The Silen One, Xerodar

The first thing I would say is that you can get powerful weapons by progressing your mana abilities when levelling up. For example, when you reach level 23 in red and brown, you get the mang weapon, which is one of the most powerful weapons in the game. If you go to you can see all the weapons that you can gain by mastery. There is some real firepower there. You should consider registering with the gowdb and linking it to your game platform (xbox/ps4 etc) to track your development. Your warlord class is high but there are stronger classes that you should develop. In the time it takes to get warlord to 100 you could easily develop 5 or 6 other classes to level 20 (4 trees) meaning you get over 20 perks instead of one. Titan sentinel sunspear runepriest are strong classes that you should boost ASAP. The troops will come in time; legendaries aren’t necessarily guaranteed super troops.

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You also get some cracking weapons by boosting classes. When you get 250 wins as a specific class you unlock the class weapon. Essence of evil and skeleton key are 2 great weapons that spring to mind. Join a guild that will help you progress if you haven’t already. By the time you get one or two of these class weapons you will have more troop options to build strong teams. If you link to the gowdb you can use ‘Tools’ and share your collection so that guild mates or forum contributors can give you tips.

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Wait so if I level up other classes and I do not have them equiped I still get thier perks?

I like the idea of using Mang, but I find the Anu’s Sceptre is very helpfull, is there possibly some other type of weapon that does damage but also like gives gems?

Also I do have the mang, got that a while ago, but there is one issue most of my strong attacking troops are red and brown mana just like the Mang, do you have any suggestions on a strong attacking troop that does not use red and brown gems?

no. what he is saying is that opening up other classes gives you more to work with.

If you have mang then you also have mountain crusher which is a far better mana provider than anu’s sceptre. Start using MC and boost titan class. You will never (or hardly ever) use anu again. It is possible to use two red/brown like mang and gargoyle in the same team. Apothecary or rock troll for example will provide brown mana, as will cockatrice or you can create red with flame troll for example. Pyggra also is a great mana source.

I have a tough time when using a weapon that is brown and red because it seems most of my high damage troops are that type of color

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The overlaps with Mountain Crusher are no big deal, especially if you have the Duststorm in your MC.

You may want to join an active guild so your cards roll in weekly with the guild loot and thus broaden your options.

If you provide your invite code here, I’m certain many (myself included) will be happy to send you an invite.


I doubt that you have any troops that can match mang output damage, particularly when fighting high level stat opposition in the likes of raid, invasion, delve and doom. Enemy armour becomes skull damage output; in doom for example, higher floor enemies will have maybe 200 armour (zuul in raid has even more) so that’s 200 added to your attack. Titan, runepriest, sentinel and other classes will provide a barrier when matching brown, which you will be doing anyway. Plus titan generates a duststorm, increasing your chances of filling any brown troops faster. It’s up to you but boosting classes, acquiring class and mastery weapons and developing kingdoms would be the best advice I can offer.

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I would recommend you take AMTs offer. Advice and guild rewards will accelerate your progress enormously.


Do you have Apothecary? That’s an excellent brown mana generator which works great with Mang and Keeper of Souls. And if you also have Gimlet Stormbrew, then you have the makings of an excellent team:
Hero with Mang (I’d suggest unlocking the runepriest class)
Keeper of Souls
Gimlet Stormbrew
—Slayer banner would work well here—

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I do have all those troops except the Gimlet

I will try that team out, but if I am using mang would I try to make a skull spam team? I have keeper of souls and Xerodar

I thought I can replace Gimlet with Hellcat, since I dont have Gimlet

Thanks for the guild offer but I have my own, I have 35 members and the guild is going quite well, but thanks!

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