Help Creating Teams Please guys?

Hi All,

Hope all Gemma’s (get it lol) are doing well?

Im new to the game but loving it. Me and BFF are at lvl 210 bu i need help creating teams for all events and was hoping you fine peeps could help?

Ive tried to find my collection on here but failed but heres list to GOWDB

any help is most appreciated.

Happy Wars

Your collection link brought up a 505 error for me, but here’s probably the strongest easy-to-build teams out there (meaning, if you don’t have the troops now, you probably will soon, and they’re easier to trait than most):

Hero (Thief) with Bronzelock pistol (replace with Skeleton Key when it’s unlocked)
Egg Thief
Leprechaun (replace with Cedric Sparklesack for extra damage!)

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Link was working for me.

Magnusimus’s suggestion is great, and you have all the pieces you need to make that team work.

Of your higher-rarity troops, you could try and build a skull-looping team with Bone Dragon or Infernal King (unfortunately, those troops don’t go together very well). Queen Mab is a great troop, but needs significant investment to really get going (she doesn’t shine until her magic stat is reasonably high and you have her 3rd trait unlocked). Silent Sentinel is a good troop for the first spot, especially once you get its traits unlocked.