Team Building Help

Anybody give me a good team. Thx.

I’ll pull a Tacet:

You need a Brick(like Golgorth, or hero w/barrier)
Mana source troop(exploder/changer)
Magic effect for high damage that uses mana created
Cleanser for those pesky freeze, ensnare, silence, etc, all dat.

Mountain crusher with barrier on brown matches covers two of those, using the extra browns maybe a bone dragon? Armor strip+skulls that wont hurt the brick too much, with good chance to extra off it and kill pretty much everything. Divinia would be a good cleanser, does a random buff+red explode. Depends a lot on what you have. Even dawnbringer, I haven’t used it much since I got Essense of Evil, good stuff!
Another good twofer troop is apothecary, create browns and cleanse.