Please help me, I'm stuck with a task!

Hi, I have all kingdoms to lvl 10 and have 2 (two!) times this task: level up a kingdom. They are on task line 2 and 4. So Im stuck till tuesday for half of my tasks! Would be much appreciated to give the game the ability to recognize if a player have no more kingdoms to lvl up and if so then this task stop appearing. And when a new kingdom is unlockable, then the game recognize it and the task can appear again.
Same things for troops lvling and traits (well for traits I might have this prob in 2020 perhaps) :slight_smile:

Soooooo tuesday is here, no new kingdom to be unlocked… dear devs, I m now stuck since 1 week with half of my tasks and apparently that will continue for at least 1 more week…seriously, is that a joke? a 1st april joke slightly delayed?

My actual 4 tasks:

  1. win 20 invasions
  2. level up a kingdom
  3. use 4 treasure maps
  4. level up a kingdom


You’re not alone buddy, just hang in there. It feels like being punished for progressing fast :confused:

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I can’t elminitate that task for you, but I will give you applause for getting all kingdoms to level 10 so blindingly fast!

I’ve been playing more than a year, 3 hours a day, and I STILL don’t have every kingdom at level 10. (Very close!)

Thank you, I understand that you cant remove this task. I hope new kingdom come next tuesday and this time I wont be fast with leveling :wink:

I have never seen “Level a Kingdom” once in the 4th slot and I rotate Tasks like a MFer…

Strange, Im playing on xbox and had often this task on slot 4. Slot 2 is more rare for me. Each have different award. Now as long as I dont have it on slot 3… :smile:

@TaliaParks I get that task once per day in line four on Ps4. I have never had the change armour task in line four though.

That’s weird that the Tasks are different across consoles AND even in the same version.

@Mr.Strange / @Nex ?

I’m stuck with kingdom tasks for task 2 and 4 too. Been for a quite a while now. But got to admit that slot 4 kingdom task was a rare one for me too before it stuck >.< Got that one probably only 3 times counting the stuck one too.

That #2 stuck is a major pain cause under that there are lots of fast and rewarding tasks (gem keys). I don’t even care about #4 cause it’s usually 40 pvp matches and goes slow.

Eventually we will complain about the Personal Tasks enough that the develops will take them away.

Calling it now before it happens.

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I really hope that doesn’t happen. I stopped playing the PC version cause they have no personal tasks.

I hope so as well, I love rotating Tasks and getting a ton of free resources/keys