WASTED task slot

I already have all of my kingdoms at level to and I keep getting a “increase a kingdom’s level” task…it’s very annoying and I lose out on a task like that…we need a function to"roll the dice" basically and randomize one or all of the tasks…Something to prevent a slot being wasted


about what task you talking about? o_O

the 4 daily tasks…when you already have all kingdoms at level 10 …and it asks you to level up a kingdom

it’s some new feature in xbox?
because I don’t have any task on pc

it’s ps4 and x box…Pc don’t have that…that’s why I posted it in ps4 and x box support…lol


WishKiller is refering to the top most CONSOLE “A” task. The Task is to upgrade any Kingdom 1 Level. Top Tasks always clear every day even if you don’t complete them. Just a estimation, but that tasks probably occurs 1 in 20 days or so.

I have had it 3 days in one week before…

i thought it was suppose to stop showing up once you finish leveling all kingdoms,

you guys have it rought way, i can imagine how it would tempt me to not level them just so i could complete a task when it shows up…

3 days in a row here. once a week isn’t too awful but consecutive days sucks should be able to spend a gem to switch task once a day or something

Unfortunately no, I belive the developers stated in a very old post that the Task system can not handle this type complex verification. That’s why they chose the reset every day method in slot “A” even if it does not complete.

I’m happy they don’t have the companion tasks in there as well (I’m not going to post it as I don’t want to give anyone any ideas)

EDIT: That 1 Gem to get a new list (like PvP) has been brought up soo many times that I think they haven’t done it mainly due to the current limitations of the Task system…

We’ve discussed the idea of being able to skip unwanted Daily Tasks for the future, but most likely only once per day.

I can’t make any promises but just letting you guys know that this has popped up on our radar as well.


1 task once a day would be pretty good. Couldn’t be abused that way. At the cost of a gem or 10 glory or 2k gold etc

Yes. I get that wasted task as well. It pops up in the daily task. It says: Level a kingdom to level 10, all kingdoms are already level 10 therefore making the task unable to be completed. :unamused:

Since it has always been rumored that they are looking at adding console daily tasks to PC/mobile, I feel like I have to weigh in here.

Paying a nominal fee in gems or glory to automatically skip a daily task is fine.

Having to pay that fee in order to clear a task to “level a kingdom” when you cannot do that because all of your kingdoms are at max level is NOT fine.

2 separate issues. What the OP posted is a bug and/or design flaw. Players should not be required to spend resources to bypass a bug and/or design flaw.

Just my 2 cents.

That particular task is a design flaw (limitation) not a bug. To the best of my knowledge there are still two active Task pools a low level one for players sub 100ish? and a high level one for players above that.

When working on the third? iteration of Tasks the developers (Mr. Strange) at the time should have removed the “Level a Kingdom” Task ENTIRELY from the high level pool. Considering it always presented a un-achievable problem from day one 18 months ago. Although now the problems with it are incredibly minor (its rare and clears itself) compared to the Tasks v1.

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can it be designed the way so that:

IF you click the “reroll task” button AND the task you wanted to change was the “level kingdom” task - in such case you will get automatic refund for the cost paid to “reroll” it?

i think that could bypass the design flaw and not punish players for it :slight_smile:

I got this daily task today, with all kingdoms maxed out already, quite an annoying design flaw … If this task does indeed changes tomorrow it’s not that bad.
I don’t really want the option to reroll the daily tasks. Just don’t give tasks that are impossible. Like upgrading a kingdom with all kingdoms already maxed out.

We I’ve personally had “Level a Kingdom” 3x in the last two weeks, but 0x for weeks before that. If you like to do them all it can be annoying. It should reset for you tomorrow. As I said above just poor design work including it in the task pool over Level 150.

Still the worst design decision was to cherry pick only a few Races and Kingdoms for players over level 150. So Tasks like Win 15 Battles with Constructs comes up an incredible amount of times.

Hard coded Tasks like the should be also removed.

Three times … that’s rather a lot, I hardly get them at all.
If you don’t like them, what would you suggest instead?

I’m level 334 and I rarely get construct, though I usually get (2-)3 tasks that say win with type/mana x 5-15 times. Mostly they can be combined though. It seems rather well spread out among the troop types to me.