Remove "Increase a Kingdom's level" from 4th Task slot


Is it at possible to do this?

We already have it in the 2nd slot, it is the only repeating Task across slots and it’s a huge barrier when a player has leveled all Kingdoms to 10.

Got it in slots 2 and 4 again with Darkstone at 10 now?

I am sure I am not the only one.

Tthere are more players who fall into that category each and every day as well, so not looking out for myself here.

I know. I’m sure I’ll get there eventually, assuming I don’t have to keep forging traits.

Stuck with 2 of that task since wednesday :frowning:

Also stuck with task 2 and task 4.
Wish both were removed.

Technically it isn’t wrong since there IS a Kingdom to level (Wild Plains). My issue is that it is the only Task that is in two slots AND it is such a barrier to resource accumulation. It feels like a punishment for doing well.

I’m getting very close to running out of Kingdoms to level. I think I’m going to save my last few level ups when I have Task 2 AND 4 set on the Kingdom task list. Wish they would also remove 5 Revenge tasks…

honestly wish they all just refresh everyday instead of only the first.

Given that some tasks do take awhile and people can’t always play long, I don’t mind having some slots not rotate, or if you were to rotate them, maybe once a week when the new event starts.

or add a lock system like sims 3 has for wishes… make it to where you can lock a task to not reset… 20 invasions can take a while but its in slot 1…