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Personal tasks that can only be done a finite amount of times

level a troop,level a kingdom, gain a trait (ok less so this one) are ones we eventually can’t do and since only the first task cycles we get stuck with the kingdom one until a new kingdom comes out… which sucks.

As other games with personal tasks, it would be nice if we could buy out any one of our tasks. But I do agree, that it be frustrating to have a task that we can no longer complete unless the game is expanded with a new kingdom.

You are not supposed to pull tasks that you cannot complete, other that “raise a troop level to 10” - since a new troop comes out at least once a week.

If you’ve been given a task you cannot finish, please let us know so we can find the bug and fix it.


the kingdom one in second slot im WarlordDraco ob ps4

“Increase a Kingdom’s level” in game name SwupeX playing on PS4. Invite codename SWUPEX_HRKZ

Tried powering up kingdom star level but that doesn’t count towards the task. And all kingdoms at lvl10.

Now also task 4 wants to me to level up a kingdom. So thats 2/4 tasks I can"t do because it’s impossible.


any update on this issue?

We have a patch coming in a few weeks which will address many issues.

This issue in particular we have not yet found anything especially wrong. We’re thinking that since there are 2 more kingdoms hidden, the task doesn’t take that into account.

There is one task with a bad text string which we already did a hotfix for.

But if you have issues with tasks, please give specifics, so we can look at the issues.

So it’s just bad design and no intentions to “fix” it? Although earlier you said:

“If you’ve been given a task you cannot finish, please let us know so we can find the bug and fix it.”

Or did I misunderstand :grin: Hopefully next kingdom comes next week then.

Sometimes things can’t be fixed right away and have to wait until patches.

That’s why I’m hoping to see new kingdom soon. So we don’t have to wait that long for update to fix it.

If a new kingdom is about to unlock, we don’t prevent people from getting the “level a kingdom” task. That’s intentional.
Similarly, we never prevent people from getting the “level a troop” tasks, because a new troop (or more!) unlocks every week.

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so once we have darkstone at ten we wo t get this task again til more kingdoms are added?

You will only get the task if there is a new kingdom about to unlock.

If there is no kingdom about to unlock, you won’t get the task.

Appreciate this info. I will certainly not rush increasing kingdom levels anymore :sweat_smile: Only when there’s a task for it, or two tasks. The waiting feels eternal.

Glad that Dark Souls 3 just came out so I have something to do meanwhile xD

this counts as a kingdom spoiler that reveals that a kingdom is soon to be coming out. it does not tell us which kingdom it is though but does give advanced warning for those with all the kingdoms maxed.

It’s Wild Plains :wink:

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no new kingdom today,only new troop,welcome salamander,the first elemental.
check show all troops or pridelands

Well, the new kingdoms were already announced in the patch notes. So no spoilers there.

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i mean kingdoms that are outside of the patch notes.