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Please help me build a team from these seven (7) Legendaries


That’s not going to work; you’ll need to provide your permalink (from the Tools menu) or list them manually I’m afraid.

Ok. Will do.

Dark Monolith
The Silent One
Shadow Dragon


Anyone? Need some help! Thanks!

Dragons. …

@Tacet help please :innocent:


Huh? Not sure I understand the responses.

tagged tacet so he might stop by n give you a good team build :innocent:


The link you posted is to the gowdb sign-in, it seems.

@Roco32373, as Lyya suggested, you’ll need to post the permalink to your “My Collection” page via Tools menu. (It’s directly under the “TROOPS” heading. Just click on “Tools,” and a dropbox should show. Scroll to “permalink,” a window will pop up, displaying a link. Click on it, and you should be good to go.)

Oh, and from your list of Legendary troops, it would be helpful to know what other troops you have.

Kinda ties in to your recent threads about the innumerable “crap cards” in the game. Many could be of some use as support troops for your Legendary ones. Or, you could even possibly build a more efficient team with your lower base rarity troops.

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Sylvanimora is great if you have the 3rd trait. Just park her (him?) in the last slot and your battles will instantly get a lot easier.

I like to pair it with a skull creator (Skeleton is great if you don’t have Bone Dragon or Keeper of Souls) so you can crush the opponent with attacks and they’re helpless to fight back.

Dire Wolf up front (double damage vs Entangled), Skeleton, a transformer or mass damage dealer, and Sylvanimora would make a fantastic team.

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By the way, out of the other Legendaries you have, Silent One and Venoxia are pretty great.

Dracos and Shadow Dragon are OK… they can work with a team specifically built around them.

Dark Monolith is cool but hard to really use well.

And Hydra… it’s some points towards the next Wild Plains kingdom level.

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