My Revise Legendary List


I have below legendary troops, I looted 4 ones few minutes ago in 100 gem chests.

Please advice end game team for PVP.

I have all other troops (Epic, Ultra Rare, Rare and Common) excluded Mercy and any Mythic.


Borealis (New Loot)
Hydra (New Loot)
Infernal King
The Silent One (New Loot)
Webspinner (New Loot)

I don’t know any team with The Silent One and Hydra.

As I see some videos, Borealis has some dragon teams. I don’t have Bone Dragon, The Dragon Soul.

Waiting for your help.


if you can get 2 traits for krystenax:

krystenax / soothsayer / valkyrie / enchantress + lion banner


sootsayer / valklyrie / krystenax / enchantress + lion banner

others might find a better build, i just patched it in a rush and cant play the game to check it right now

any chance you have two krystenaxes?

Id go for infernal king as you dont have to have traits unlocked (butbits desirable). A combo of hellcat/alchemist/infernal king can destroy any team out there because it keeps chaning.
Put 1 imervious troop in front of them to prevent getting frozen and you are good to go.
Suggested impervious troops: war spinx, manticore, behemoth.
As you dont have behemoth go for manti, its the safest.

i dont think hes gonna meet the bone dragon meta much yet, its mode mid-early game

Im using exactly that team, and im on the end game, i beat bone dragons etc without exceptions. Its a team for early to late game. Getting traits will only get that team strong but it isnt a must. Only must traits are for impervious troop in front.

Annaerith and Donbaba thanks for your reply.

Anna i will check your team and will inform to you. Also i have 2 krystenax troop.

Donbaba i will check your team with Manticore because i dont have Behemoth.

Any advice Hydra or The silent one included team?

I’m using below team now;

Giant Spider


hydra and the silent are usable but they wont go in “end game team for pvp” when it comes to invasion

  • it will go to a “theme deck” or “for fun deck” or some “experimental defense deck” or “deck of players who dont have any better legendaries”

if you have 2x krystenax, replacig enchantress with another krystenax might work better

im also curious what is your preference, some ppl like more the transform board control type of decks like @DonBoba offered , how about you? :stuck_out_tongue:

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I can suggest you a team for those 2 legends, but its not worth.


I like transform control decks.

I will replace enchantress with 2nd krystenax. I have not tried your teams yet. I will comment after tried your decks.

Thank you so much.


I create a below deck included Hydra.

Please comment or advice?

Hydra*** Blue/Red
Minogor Green/Red
Hellcat (No trait) Yellow/Purple (transform any to red for Hydra and Alchemist)
Alchemist*** Brown/Red (tranform any to yellow for Hellcat and Finley) and boost Hydra and Alchemist with Fire Link trait.

Goblin Banner

Please kindly advice.


Hydra deals damage based on the X + the total life he has lost throughout the game x 2

So my stats for Hydra are 58 life and 36 damage.

If I cast him straight away, he deals 36 damage (0 boost)

If his life is down to 48, he deals 56 damage (10 x 2 boost)

However, if I then use mercy to give him say 20 life, even though his life says 68 the game views it as 68/78 (I.e. a give life spell not only increases the troops current life but also its maximum life) so he will still do 56 damage! I didn’t realise this for ages so I hope it is helpful.

As Nimhaim has said, if you heal the hydra then its boost is reset to zero.

So ideally you want to pair Hydra with a troop that can boost his life to keep him alive. Mercy, sunweaver, loyalty, justice, Lady Anariel. Emperina also isn’t a bad choice but as she heals as well as giving life, she resets your hydras boost every time she is used.

Hydra is risky because you want him to get hurt but not die. However, if you’re careful you can keep healing him and take out the entire team in one cast :smile:

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Giving Life isn’t healing, it’s raising the max Life of a Troop.

So if your Hydra has 48 Life (48/58) and you give 10 Life, he will be 58 Life but his max Life will raise to 68.


Here’s my personal favorite Silent One team.

Humility (x2)
The Silent One

Works like 90% of time for me.

@ColonielZoland88 thanks for your reply.

I tried your humility team is very good. What is your strategy?

How is below team?

Lady Anariel

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Oops, you are of course correct. Edited my post above

Lady Anariel (plus she’s underpowered as she’s only level 1) I’m currently not using nor Webspinner so I have no idea how that set-up is going to work.