My team build help

Can someone give me some advice for making a pvp team

Puzzled. What troops do you have???

@Hawkes that link leads to all troops in game, not your personal troop list

if you want to give us your collection list you need to link your account and get a permalink
otherwise just tell us what u got? :stuck_out_tongue:

Hopefully that’s the right one


Easiest would be Khorvash, Valkyrie, Crimson Bat and something - since you have the legendaries leveled already. Fourth troop could be Maralith or Spirit Fox or your choice (though Spirit Fox ideally should be traited).

An alternative is a Dragon team with Dragon Soul, Sylvanimora, and some combo of two of Venbarak, Shadow Dragon, Dragotaur, Celestasia, etc. Aiming to place Krystenax in there when you get it. You could also put Giant Spider in to combo with Dragon Soul since you’ve got that one traited, but four dragons is the best damage output with Dragon Soul.