Any good team i can get from this? ( my full list of troops)

Hi, It’s newbie once again. I have little experiance in making teams and I have to ask you for help. I have marked quantity and the rarity tiers ( only ultra-rare, epic and legendary).

Thanks :slight_smile:

Acolyte 3
Alastair 1 E
Alchemist 2
Ancient Golem 1 UR
Anubite Warrior 2 UR
Apothecary 1 UR
Arcanus 1 E
Archon Statue 2
Armored Boar 4
Astral Spirit 1 UR
Baby Dragon 6
Bandit 6
Banshee 3
Bastite Princess 2
Bat Swarm 1
Berserk 1 UR
Black Beast 1 UR
Boar Rider 3
Bogstrider 2
Bombardier 1
Bombot 2
Bone Scorpion 3
Brwonie 10
Bulette 2
Centaur Scout 1
Chupacabra 3
Clockwork Sphinx 2
Cocatrice 1
Corrupt Sorceress 1 UR
Corrupted Urska 1 UR
Courage 11
Creeper 2
Cyclops 2
Dark Maiden 1
Dark Master 2
Dark Troll 1 E
Deck Hand 2
Deep Borer 1
Dire Wolf 2
Djinn 5
Domovoi 1
Dragon Eggs 3
Dragonette 1
Dragonmoth 1 UR
Dragotaur 2
Drake 2
Dryad 2
Dust Devil 3
Dwarf Lord 2
Dwarven Statue 4
Dwarven Miner 4
Elf-Eater 1 E
Ettin 1
Fey Cap 5
Fire-Giant 1 UR
Fire Lizard 1
Flame Cannon 1 UR
Fortress Gate 5
Frost Archer 1
Frost Giant 2
Ghoul 3
Giant Crab 5
Giant Toad 3
Giant Toadstool 6
Glade Warden 2
Gnoll 3
Goblin 8
Goblin Rocket 1 UR
Goblin Shaman 2
Golem 2
Griffon Knight 1
Hag 1
Hammerhead 5
Hellhound 1
Herald of Chaos 1 E
Heronath 4
Hippocampus 2
Hippogryph 3
Hobgoblin 1 UR
Honor 11
Humility 16
Hyena 5
Ice Wraith 3
Incubus 1 UR
Innkeeper 6
Jackelope 7
Justice 10
Keeper of Souls 1 LEG
Khopeshi 1
Krystenax 1 LEG
Kuotani 2
Lady Sapphira 1 E
Lamprey 2 UR
Lance Knight 1
Leshy 2
Lion Prince 1
Loyalty 7
Luther 1 E
Mad Prophet 3
Mammoth 5
Marid 1 E
Marsh Strangler 2
Merlion 1 UR
Moa 5
Moneylender 1
Musketeer 5
Naga Queen 1 UR
Night Terror 4
Northrender 4
Nymph 3
Ogre 5
Ogryn 3
Orc 3
Owleth 2
Paladin 3
Pandaska Guard 4
Parrot 1
Paesant 4
Pegasus 5
Penitent 5
Pirate 4
Pixie 3
Poison Master 1
Pride Hunter 4
Priestess 1
Princess Elspeth 1 E
Quasit 6
Ranger 2
Reaver 5
Remnant 2
Revenant 3
Rex Warrior 2
Rhynax 1
Rift Lynx 2
Roc 4
Rock Troll 1 E
Rock Worm 2
Sabertooth Tiger 3
Sacrifice 12
Sacrificial Priest 1 UR
Sand Cobra 6
Sand Scuttler 3
Satyr 3
Savage Hunter 5
Scavenger 3
Sentry Bot 1
Serpent 3
Settite Warrior 2 UR
Ship Cannon 4
Silver Dracon 3
Siren 6
Skeleton 5
Snow Sprite 3
Snowy Owl 3
Soothsayer 3
Sparkgrinder 1 E
Spellblade 4
Spider Knight 4
Spider Queen 1 UR
Spider Swarm 2
Strar Gazer 4
Steam Turret 5
Succubus 2
Summer Knight 2
Summoner 3
Sunsnail 3
Swordmaster 2
Sylvasi 1 E
Tassarion 1 E
Tau 3 E
Tauros 3
Templar 2
Thrall 4
Tome of Evil 3
Tuskar 1 UR
Tyri 1 E
Unicorn 1 UR
Urska Savage 1 UR
Vampier Lord 1
Vanguard 1 UR
Villager 3
Visk 1 E
War Goat 2
War Sphinx 2 UR
Warhawk 4
Warhound 3
Warlock 2
Watcher 1 UR
Wight 2
Winter Knight 3
Wraith 1
Wight 2
Winter Knight 3
Wolf Knight 3
Wraith 1
Zephyros 1 E
Zhenniao 7
Zombie 5

Goblin teams are typically the best to start with. I would focus on building them up. If you want to bring in a few more souls, you could use your 3 Acolytes with a Banshee. Typically, it works better to use the Acolytes with a Valkyrie, but since you don’t have one of her yet Banshee should work. Make sure to save up traitstones (or look for them in Explore) to get the Acolyte’s trait 3, so you can get the 50% trait stone bonus.

Keeper of Souls and Krystenax are both powerful troops even by legendary standards, so you should try to use at least one of those.

Keeper is going to be your best bet at the moment for a few reasons:

  • He doesn’t need to be leveled up or ascended or traited at all for you to use him effectively.
  • You can use Apothecary to generate Brown mana for Keeper (who also can be used as is).
  • You can then put your strongest red and/or yellow troop in front - your choice, either something you’ve leveled already or something you like the look of. It won’t matter much right now. Only thing is to not block the other two troops. For this, I’m liking Summer Knight perhaps.
  • Fourth troop is up to you. Put Krystenax at the back if you want.

Summer Knight
Keeper of Souls
Krystenax / anything

Adana Banner (+1red/+1yellow) to let Summer charge in three matches, OR
Khaziel Banner (+2brown) to maximize brown from Apothecary->Keeper.

Objective is to use Keeper to generate a ton of skulls and wipe them out that way. Apothecary charges Keeper. Summer Knight is a decent front-line troop who can buff his stats and control the board a little.

If you get Valkyrie, consider pairing her with Krystenax on a different team.


And what do you think about this?

Ranger/Deepborer/Rock Spirit (must find him)/Ranger (pvp)

and Cockatrice(min. sec. trait)/Dwarven Gate/Azura/Hobgoblin (pvp/dungeon)

For that first PvP team, you would want your rock spirit in first slot to tank the skulll damage, as his legendary (3rd) trait reduces skull damage by 50%.

Alchemist/Ranger/Goblin rocket. Can use double Ranger.

Deep borer is basically useless with Ranger, because it creates browns (randomly), whereas Ranger needs yellow/green.

Ok then, any good team for my Ranger (x2) (because i have him on max. lvl.)?

Btw. what armor to buy, Celestial or Dragon?

For future reference: sync your account to and you’ll neeeeeeeeeever have to type all that out again.


Check out this one Gems of War: Efficient Low Level, Low Cost, New Player Teams on youtube (Tacet the terror channel) for starters. If I’m not mistaken there, amongst others, also was a 2x Ranger team.

As for armor, if you’re not spending real money on Deathknight armor, the preference is Dragon armor. Celestial comes in play later when you start serious soul farming business.


Try this one. You’ll only need the 50% Skull-reduction from the Bulette for this. (I guess)
Use Apothecary to fill your Bulette and your Alchemist, and use your Alchemist to fill you Bulette and Ranger.
Only use Bulette’s Ability when you have 13+ Brown on the Board.
Cast Ranger every Time you can.
Have fun :3

EDIT: Use the Goblin-Banner from Zae’jin :wink:

If you insist on using Rangers, I’d strongly recommend Alchemist to generate Yellow for them. The new Vanguard troop is another idea. You could use them both if you wanted to.

Basically Yellow or Green generators. Green Seer works also. Etc.