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Noob player need help to build decent team

Hi i just started playing last week and is lv 35 now . need help to build decent team . currently running with :
Banner of Progress( Red + Yellow )
Hero (warlord and red weapon )
Vampire Lord
Knight Coronet

Cards that I have :

LEgendary :

LAdy Saphirra
No bend Brothers

Ultra Rare:
Anubite warrior
Astral Spirit
Dragonian Rogue
Flame Cannon
Knight Coronet
Satry Musician
Settite Warrior
War Sphink

Mentionable rares ( that i know of ):
Boar Rider

Note : too many rares i dont think its wise to list them all here . if a build involves a certain rares , i’ll check if i get those .

thanks in advance

(aside the tipic, if you havent: join active guild it will help you a tone! - edit oh i see u have lots of troops then u probably have a good guild already)

one thing you should know is more important then u would think at first:

include soul generating troop or tyri (tyri if you like treasure hunting) in your team
-becouse they will give you extra souls for every fight and that will stack up for all the time you put in the game you will just get better results in the end, while your team wont suffer too much from using em in

soul generating troops:
valkyrie (thats standard) - she needs to be traited, use her to generate blue mana for your other troops, preferably have a decent blue attacker or two to pair with her
the dragon soul - a legendary if you have it, also good

there is a decent starter team my guild mate shared with me that u can look into if you feel like it:
crude club/warlord
tyri (obtainable from zhulkari quest line)
sunweaver (abtainable from wild plins quest line)
+yellow/red banner
-but thats a team for ppl without legendary, i see u passed that stage already

tyri needs to be leveled - use her to pick mana for other troops

now back to the troops you have, i think psion is very cool and you could focus on that.
are any of your soothsayer, knight coronet, valkyrie traited?

one time for soothsayer and knight coronet ( both of them leveled to 8 each i think) . I need to fully trait Valkyrie before she can do the soul thing is it ?

will definitely try your ideas . my guild is very active and the guildmaster is helpful, but i like to read and type in pc better than in my phone hence the reason i post here .

any others ideas ?

thanks for the reply by the way … really appreciate it

nah valkyrie can work already even untraited but the necromancy will give 30% more souls so ts just much more effective (she still needs not to be dead when u win, plus she wont pass the soul cap but thats not much to worry about for now)
also +1 blue mana link is helpful

do you actually like/want to do treasure hunting or just gonna pvp all the way? i need to know if to think of tyri in or not :stuck_out_tongue:
generally if u can pvp all the way u can forget about the treasure hunt, its not so effective, its just something that is easier then the pvp so many low levels do it

good old
team, with a tank on top (or hero)
you got nice control, soul, and some money from alchemist

too bad you dont have wolf knight, giant spider, green slime, lady anariel, naga queen either of em would help with a psion deck

ugh i did a lot of testing (as i never got psion early game, didnt know any early game single psion teams)
turned out with something like this:
(that worked nicely with the traits i listed, not sure how bad it could go without it)

golem (traited till stoneskin - stoneskin mandatory)
valkyrie (fully traited)
druid (traited water link)-he is there nearly only for that water link, you might just as well put here a duplicate of traited valkyrie (or something else with water link perhaps lance knight) if u cant get druid traited, he still picks the green and does damage but the extra +1 blue mana i find more important

leonis banner +2blue +1yellow -1green

whole team would turn out with a +4 blue +1yellow -1green bonus

tactic for this would be:
-ignore golem, he is a meat shield that will take skulls on himself, could cast him in case the explosion could lead you to some extra turn, or when you need very little mana for valk/psion but there are no matches then the explosion could make it off a scattered gems of chosen color.
-just try to get directly mana for psion or valkyrie, mostly just happily matching blue gems for the extra mana bonus, taking all the extra turns you can
-obviously when you cast valkyrie make sure she will create an extra turn with the blue transformation, and take notice that every separate gem match will gain all the flag/trait mana bonuses so a few of 3 gem matches could actually net a lot more mana then a single 4 gem match

you could try with another tank not a golem but after you trait ANY unit with a stoneskin 50% skull reduction trait you will see it is very useful. i prefer golem here (even as it has a little lower stats) be couse it simply doesnt block you any mana and is cheapest to trait. knight coronet is also very good but then you just use it as an attacker - it will oviously take away a lot of mana from psion so they arent a good synergy. for the time being when you dont have any traited stoneskin tank, a leveled class hero is one of best choices for a meat shield.

i understand that early game usually u dont trait anything and struggle to do so but i think being able to fill psion mana with 2 or 3 gem matches early game as you rarely ever gain surge would be amazing. let me know how possible is that for you and what you think of it!

maybe ill find some other solution later on, need a break now =)

psst. hold 400 glory for next week event, that might be a very good troop, more in the spoiler section :stuck_out_tongue:

wow annaerith , thanks for all the thought you poured into this . as for now , i might focused better on PvP because i dont get that many treasure maps at the moment if i have to choose between the two . will definitely try to follow your suggestions on all the team builds you suggests and will report back which one is the most effective for me . as for the psion , i myself realized as a new player i wont be able to constrcut a team around it effectively just yet but all inputs is welcomed gratefully .

will let you know how it goes once i applied it to my card rosters.

will give this a try . thanks a lot for the suggestion alebenja . appreciate it .

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yeah it wont work untill you get high enough mana bonus or enough of surge chance, so its either the traits or a higher level simply


counted for u traitstones:

24x minor 8x major 4x runic - brown
48x minor 10x major 4x runic - yellow
4x major 4x runic - red
2x arcane storm - yellow/red
14x minor 6x major - green
6x major - blue

after your guild gives you some gold keys and you just keep playing the minors and majors should come on their own, worse will be the few runics and arcanes, but valkyrie is rly worth it

i really think those traits are reachable even at low level, just give it a try

Level your Goblin, Goblin Shaman and Boar Rider in anticipation for getting a Goblin Rocket

Boar Rider
Goblin Rocket
Goblin Shaman
Use Green/Purple Banner

Should be good to use until about level 200-250 easily and give you time to Trait more powerful Troops.

Trait that Knight Coronet fast, he’ll be your go-to tank for a long time.

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trying your suggested team . i replaced the druid to lance knight since thats what i have at the moment and its traited to have blue link . for the moment replacing golem with hero as i dont have enough to trait to stoneskin as hero right now is my tankiest unit . equipping hero with brown weapon . . will let you know how it goes

unfortunately i dont have goblin rocket and goblin shaman . i do have goblin king and nobend brothers though . would it work with these two ?

thanks for the suggested by the way

You’ll get them soon enough and you should use them when you do.

Nothing at low level is as consistent and reliable as a Goblin team.

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how is it with traited valkyrie? (buy 1 inquisitor to get 2 arcanes she needs)

ok so here what i usually run :

golem ultra rare now ( stoneskined , got enough to get his 3rd trait but hesitant to do this ) full lvl
Valkyrie ( full trait and full lvl ) ultra rare <-- should i do this ?
Tyri ( only 1st trait ) full lvl
Psion ( full lvl )

was thinking of changing tyri to alchemist to help with gold … going to try the first build you suggested . with the setup above i can win about 90% of the time against someone around 50% higher than me

i now have giant spider and naga queen … should i use these instead of your original suggestion of :


thanks a bunch annareith … also any suggestion for a silent one team ? seems like fun

i didnt really play silent one yet, cant tell, i think he isnt worth it unless you really need to silence all those enemy troops

your team looks fine especially if you are using the maps afterwards :slight_smile: if you dont use the maps could replace tyri with a giant spider (on 3rd spot) or with a naga queen (on last spot) - id have to play a bit to check those builds but i wont have time untill weekend…

i dont recommend alchemist. the gold is very little as he will not give any more gold past the gold cap which is… i dont remm something like 250gold? (the pvp gold reward that u see on the sscreen when choosing an enemy is a bonus which doesnt count to the gold cap, the cap applies to all sort of fights just as the soul cap applies)

lol, the update just messed up soul gaining and necromancy troops, forget about valkyrie XD
now i have to think about my own teams from the scratch haha ;D
will get back at you later

To put this into perspective, Valkyrie is still a fine soul generator, you will just have to fire her about a third more to get the same amount of souls. If you used to max on two casts, now it is three, eg.