Help me to make a team,

Hello everyone,

I am really new in the game, but i reached lvl 450 and i would like to ask some advice about making my best team.

Here’s my collection:

have a runepriest class lvl 77 but not cause problem to start new class.

Now I use: Hero/ Lady Ironbeard/ apothecary/ gimlet stormbrew or deep borer

second team: nobend brothers/ princess fizzbang/ princess fizzbang/ queen grappleopt

Thanks for everyone for helping me


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You have Queen Ysabelle and Holy St. Astra, they are a great start for an Human team even if you use your hero with any other race/class. If you get Champion of Anu he would help too if you go with something like:

Hero Anu’s Scepter
Q. Ysabelle
Holy St. Astra
Champion of Anu

Hero will hit Green Gems or Yellow (Red too if you get Champion of Anu), Ysabelle will buff the hero with her spell while giving some mana to everyone, but herself, and Holy St. Astra provides more buffs and extra mana via enchanted to all humans, herself included.

As alternative you can use many other humans from Sword’s Edge, Whitehelm and Leonis Empire and other kingdoms keeping in mind different roles. For example, a Warlock instead of Champion of Anu would remove purple gems, which arent used at all, so you wouldn’t lose anything and still have another source of damage, Angry Mob also covers more colors not used by Ysabelle and St. Astra so keep it in mind too.


Thanks for your help.

What class you advice for that team?

If possible any with the Human Type (Warpriest if i’m not mistaken) or any with an Armored Traits or better to reduce skull damage. You can test some others depending of your tastes/preferences/needs.


For general team building tips I would recommend this article.

I like building teams around a specific Legendary/Mythic Troop. Some of your versatile Legendaries: Queen Mab, Pharos-Ra (for soul farming), Sol’zara and Glitterclaw. You might want to try Bone Dragon in a skull focused team (which can be fun!).

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The most important team is your guild members, and if your guild is not active you need to find an active one.

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Could you advice a team with Bone Dragon?

Apothecary and Keeper of Souls are great friends of Bone Dragon. Then choose a hero with class and weapon to suit…possibly Titan class and Mountain Crusher weapon in first spot assuming you have barrier and dust storm active.


@coloneldancer, if you didn’t have yet i strongly advise you to acquire the weapon of this Invasion Event if you can, even if it uses all your current gems.

It’s a type of weapons that benefits Nagas and is also benefitted by them. While Nagas aren’t the strongest troop type in the game, it’s always good to have such weapons. It also has no negative upgrades so you are good upgrading it fully for future kingdom requirements.

If you spend gems on the weapon, even if you use all you have, you can’t count on having a second chance to acquire it later without using real money.

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