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@Kafka Note I’m trying not to cause any trouble but this was a topic I really wanted to make.

100% not the fault of others if you imagine stuff or overthink situations.
I’m sorry about your problems, conditions, and expectations about what needs to be done.
Do you have medical help?

Importnant: I’m not discrediting you in any way or form.

You need to make the best of it but you can’t just say whatever I may or may not do - nothing can ever be my fault. This is not a free ticket. Noone has to sugarcoat things for anyone else. I’m sure there’s dumb people out there eventually making fun of such conditions, but this is just missing education and/or also missing respect in general. Doesn’t mean those persons are “bad people” overall. They might be though. Remember that strangers owe you nothing. And overall, this is the internet. We all know how things are. If you can’t handle public ingame chat - don’t use it, or try only using guild chat with people you know and that know about your situation.

I don’t think text2speech can easily be done in a satisfying way. Also I personally wouldn’t want it without a button to turn it off and/or skip-function.
I don’t know what kind of quiz you’re imagining either. Quiz questions about the game itself? Or random stuff? I don’t know what the desire here is. For a random quiz you can just put the game in windowed mode or second screen and have a quiz on another platform, if that helps. Or use a magazine/newspaper.


If you can not read the quest text how do you plan to match gems on the board?
You can not text2speech the board.
If this the case, sorry the game is not for you.

On behavior.
People are maybe uneducated or insensitive, but most of us just do not want to tolerate bullshit in our free time. We have to tolerate enough during the day.
So if you know you have this condition then you should minimize your presence in global.

Sorry, the hard truth is that not everything available to everybody.


I agree with tibo and icy, and GoW isnt a very special needs friendly game, id say if these are things that absolutely have to be implemented then there should be a different game version for special needs people with a different chat, its not fair to make the non special needs people deal with a bunch of special needs features that would waste our time. Thats just my harsh opinion on the matter


blind people wouldnt be able to see the game to play and Gems of War would be impractical to play even if you had speech to tell you what each gem you hover was.

deaf people don’t need sound cues to play Gems of War and adding text to voice couldn’t possibly help them


“Partially sighted” might be a better term here; that’s a wide spectrum and there are certainly “can distinguish gems but have trouble reading small text” points along it.

(And note this is already a problem with the new comic-style narratives; there’ve been a bunch of complaints here that the small and busy typeface is hard to read, especially on small screens.)

Another accommodation that could be made is loosening up some of the smaller hit-boxes to make them easier for folks with motor control issues to hit. For example: the left/right triangles for switching between sets on the medal selection screen; I often find those tricky to hit on mobile with my fat fingers.

Hi All,

I have a visual disorder and just a fact I can be every moment full blind, what also has much influence on my mental health but that all my “problem” baggage I have to deal with like everyone in this world has own baggage sometimes easier than others.
I play this game now 4 years without sound coz I prefer to listen to music.
This game is for people with a visual disorder, good to play if you want!
I play in high guild and reach often LB’s and be very active in guild events and bracket 4 GW
Yeah, the battle’s took me longer coz I must scroll the board with my eyes to see the best matches, but its possible!
The new comic style font, I cant read but others with no visual disorder cant read it either :wink:

I find it go too far to say thats things you write online are not your fault coz of my disorder I have had much negative feedback, but its me who has chosen to play this game and nobody else!
I find it not fair to hide behind a disorder/handicap just the fact the world is not nice and thinking on what a person has for baggage they come here to play the game and relax and have pleasure with their game!
This is no social media place that there are chat’s is nice, and everyone deserves respect, but yeah there are people who like/ see the fun in picking on people but living with a disorder/ handicap has also must learn that a lot of people dont understand what it is to have a disorder/handicap and thats not their fault coz everyone has his/her/neutral to deal with it in life!

It maybe real hard to say, but I have learn it on a very hard way if you want to be online active in game with others you must realize that people dont see you and know you and I have been bullied my whole life and have fall so much I cant count it anymore but I can tell you that I stand up every time and saw it as a lesson and after years I can say I know what I can expect if im social online and there are great sweet nice people and yeah there also pain in the * people but that has nothing to do with a disorder or handicap!!

This game and community has many rules over how you treat others, and they are very clear and if you cant handle it, or it makes you feel an outsider than is this place and maybe the game not the right one for you.

The game dont need to be changed in another jacket for people with a restriction, its very clear what you must do in this game and or you can play it or not.

The last thing I want in my life and think a lot of people with a disorder/handicap is to be placed in a box and treat different than other people I play this game and be active here coz I like the social aspect and I have disconnected global chat coz it goes too fast, and it is a place where I dont feel comfy but thats my own choice and is not of other people!

So I hear you in your problems, but I cant agree with you that its a problem of the game or people who play this game if you have problems with it and several times repeat it then I think you must think over if its worth to play this game and yeah I realize very good how important a game can be for people include myself!


Absolutely the hell not; do not segregate differently-abled folks.

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Hi @Tigress,

The things who are mention as “problem” are not based on the bigger goal/group, this game is good to play and if people cant play this game is this a problem of that person!
I have a lot of games I cant play any longer with my disorder, but thats my problem, and it would be very unfair to place people in a box.

Its very simple, everyone in the world has things they cant do with all kind of reasons, but there are enough things you can still do and maybe im hard in that but live has not meant to be easy, you are responsible for your own happiness, pleasure and satisfying in this world and if you dont want to put energy in it or think it all be solved by others for you, sorry then is the truth real tough.
But thats life and no special edition of GoW or what game, there are enough games for people with different disorders/needs Im on the right place and have much pleasure with you all :star_struck:


Hi @TheIdleOne,

Lol with my pretty heavy visual disorder, I still sometimes see better than just normal people coz I have much more concentration/focus when I play my battle’s :wink:


Another thing, to OP: why not just stay out of chat? Its easy to disconnect from chat and you can still play the game without being bullied

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I understand your difficulties (in general). And I empathize with your frustrations. I have similar problems understanding what others say and writing responses to some of them (for different reasons than yours). Still, despite the “accommodations” I get in the real world, there are many accommodations I have to make to the real world. I can’t read or sometimes understand everything in the game; I find other sources or use a magnifying glass. I have never played the game with sound effects or music; they’re too distracting and mess with my concentration. If I’m uncertain about something someone has said, I ask. I always reread everything I want to post. Sometimes I still get it wrong, so I apologize, get it right, and move on. It’s a mean world out there for us divergent folk. While it’s not our fault they’re often too stupid, ignorant, or just plain ego-blind, it’s still our responsibility to be the best we can be, and screw the ones who don’t know how to be human. TANSTAAFL, my friend, and we’re the ones stuck with the salty gravy. (*There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch)


I strongly agree

but people want to connect with others its hard for some special needs age groups to find people to talk and socialize with.

Because you do not agree or like someones input does not mean that the thread needs to be closed.

Why close off the topic?

ignore my other message I’m stressed having TD and had to go shut myself away in my room with my yt music playlist on from my channel LieutenantRangerWolf. it soothes me plus i’m stressed cause of house construction and i’m literally being treated like i’m not to be trusted. I’ve done stuff in the past that I still regret to this day its hard having both special needs and mental health at the same time. I’m closing this topic because people are starting to fight no one is getting segregated from the game. @Tigress the idea of making a separate game makes people uncomfortable we want to stay in this game. I was trying to say add a quiz to the game with qeustons to figure out if someone has special needs or not then if they do they only get the help from the game like their own special menu and options. @icy here this explains the quiz thing.

Ah, no worries SilverStream. I hope you enjoy the music.

ty and i am. I’m ok I promise.