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Please clarify Souls farming for me


I would like to ask few questions about souls farming.

What is maximum number of souls from single battle ? (I am using Warlord IV and Dragon armor).

Is necromancy from Valkyrie affecting soul cap or just number of souls gained per cast ? So is it beneficial to get two Valkyries ? Or Valk and KoS for example ?

Thank You in advance.

Your VIP level also factors in.

Valkyrie and the Necromancy Trait do not effect the cap, only allow you to reach it faster.

Armor, difficulty and VIP levels are multipliers to how many Souls you earned.

The cap is 40, can’t be higher in any way, only modified by the multiplier


So why 60… 40 + 50% Armor is already 60… Difficulty not working ? Strange.

Souls = multiplier * min(40, (1 + necromancy%) * (enemies killed + bonus souls ))

difficulty multiplier doesn’t work for ranked PvP


[quote=“Ebreg, post:4, topic:10874, full:true”] Difficulty not working?

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So the only way is to farm some low level challenge for souls.

Those with gates should be easiest i think.

Or rather something from pridelands… Minor reds…

I farm the second challenge in Pridelands, the first has a Shadow-Hunter and a Pride Hunter that’ll just slow you down

If you have a good PvP team with Valkyrie, it’d be better to farm souls that way. For reference, I’m VIP 4 with death knight armor and two casts of Valkyrie will earn me my max of 90 souls per battle.