Please add Turn and Move Counters to the Game Board

Very simple. Two boxes on each side showing how many turns each side has had and how many total moves. I think this would be a valuable contribution to the game.

It would let us see once and for all how we stack up against the AI. I for one feel like the AI gets many more moves than me but maybe this could prove me wrong which would make me happy.

A turn would be turn based. + 1 for each actual new turn.
A move would be any function. Kraken casts and creates blue which brings in a few cascades. Each individual board change would be considered a move. Therefore in one turn you may have many moves.


I also want a cheese burger, still waiting for it

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I wouldn’t mind if they moved the top counters to one side or the other. They got soo much wasted space on both sides of the screen it’s amazing. If they did that they could make the actual board and troops larger, and this update was about showing off the art work.

I thought it was to reduce play time :slight_smile:

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