Please add block player to PvP

Could you please add a block player functionality to PvP, so that I can start blocking someone, and they won’t appear as opponents anymore in Ranked PvP battles?

It’s bad enough that you have to fight the same few teams every single time, but you’re now actually pitting me against the same players over and over and over again…

It’s like things got worse when you added the “more opponents” fix :frowning:

If you could just allow me to click on the players name to see his/her profile, and then add a “block” button, then maybe I can actually fight against some other teams for once, or at least vs another player, instead of someone’s zombie wife every other fight.

Thank you!

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id rather an automated system that blocks a player for 1h only

otherwise you will just block all hard enemies and get easier 3trophy battles which makes no sense to me


How about “block for an hour” and "block until they change their defense team " :slight_smile:

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how about offering you trophies (2 and 1 trophy, same with glory) according to the strength of team offered if you run out of “hard” 3 trophy enemies due to blocking their defense team for entire week since they dont change it?

I like the idea, but not in the way you might have written it.

I think that if you beat someone, it should remove them from your PvP pool for anywhere between 4 and 8 hours.

This way you are fighting different people and different teams. I dislike PvP for the repetitiveness of the same grueling meta cheesy teams over and over.

If they were auto blocked after defeat, then it wouldn’t be as bad.


I think somewhere in the 1 to 24 hour “cooldown” is the best strategy. If it’s player-initiated then players will just block hard teams so they get easier, faster wins. If it’s “until they change their defense” then it could literally be weeks or months and there honestly might not be a big enough pool of players to draw from.

One other way of skipping the PVP meta is to just make your defend team have 1 troop and then your 3 trophy battles will be easier but you won’t get so many PVP points or money for the fights.

Great compromise!