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Strange - I thought PVP had a timing limit for showing up

I was under the impression based on another question I had months ago, is how long does your team show up as a ‘option’ to match against in PVP

I was told your team will disappear within an hour of not being logged in or so. Which is good cause I would hate to see how bad things would go if teams were available all the time, even if the player isn’t online.

Here’s the odd thing for mind

I see PVP stopping 13 hours …and then 4 hours ago my team loss. No I didn’t log in…I just got up.

4 points in the scheme of a broken defending system isn’t a big deal. But seems odd.

Might be revenge fight from your opponent


Thats a thought, the other is the same thing I do which is leave, come back hours from now and play the last shown pvp option.

Thanks for your input.

Also to note if they stopped playing 13 hours ago too and you were their current battle when they did you will still show up when they log back in to PvP again