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Please ad non-cosmetic to pet filter

Please ad non-cosmetic to pet filter


Hi @Kafka

Just wanted to make sure you saw it. Though a minor request of convenience, it’s amusingly non-controversial and self explanatory. Oh, and easy to implement.


Was just thinking the same thing the other day. Agree.

Would be helpful to Select only the non-cosmetic pets since these are the Pets we can farm from Pet Gnomes. Seems odd at present to select cosmetic Pets. If anything, I want to de-select cosmetic pets and instead see only the REAL pets.


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Agreed, and appropriate.

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I’d be happy to see this filter option introduced too

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Today, I am again trying to determine which pets I need to be Razor-Focused on for 60 minutes when RNG provides them…

So as the Customer, I want the ability to select only the pets that drop from Gnomes, so that I can focus on getting these pets!.

What’s the issue @Saltypatra @Nimhain @Sirrian? The issue is that the only filter you provide in GEMS currently only does the OPPOSITE.

Please add a NON-COSTMETIC pets filter.

While you are at it, create CLASS Filters also :fire::heart:

Even better: on the dead weekends, allow only Cosmetic pets (All of them) to drop from Gnomes. Make a cosmetic pet weekend event, if you don’t have a better Event to run that weekend, not just 1 set of 8 battles!