Please no cosmetic pet event on vault weekend

This was pointed out in the spoilers thread: link

It looks like the current game schedule includes:

  • vault weekend from Nov 27th - Nov 29th
  • cosmetic pet Nov 28th

@Kafka @Saltypatra I hope this is a mistake or an oversight that can be corrected before the weekend in question. And if it’s intentional, please reconsider it. One of the main draws of the vault weekend for some of us is lots of pet rescues. Having the cosmetic pet on Saturday would eliminate about a third of those rescues :frowning:

Asking early so you have time to get it changed if you so choose :slight_smile:


The cosmetic pet days were also supposedly a way to fill empty weekends in the schedule. Vault weekends are most assuredly not empty.


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So disappointing if this can’t be changed.


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I briefly saw this in spoilers as well.

Do we need to gain 2 more white pet food every 15-30 minutes for a whole day?


Of course it is on purpose. They want people buying pet bait.

Just speculation here, of course, but I think they just scheduled them for every 2 weeks without thinking it would affect other weekend events. Because they may or may not actually play the game themselves enough to notice / care about such things :see_no_evil:

I would argue they should definitely skip them for vault weekends. And they should consider skipping them on arena weekends as well, now that pet gnomes are back in the arena :slight_smile:


I wouldn’t doubt it was an oversight. Working remotely on a fully digital product must be insanely hard.

In all seriousness, I am sure it was just a roadmapped type of thing and just not noticed.


Given that this is only a week and a half away, this thread cannot be bumped enough until we have a favourable resolution. So I shall follow my own advice.


@Kafka I heard from Not Sirrian that because the pet gnomes were brought back to the arena. That the drop rate of gnomes had to be nerfed by making every vault weekend also a cosmetic pet weekend.
Is that true?

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Hopefully this will not be another thing that gets brushed under the carpet by the devs before it actually becomes an issue :pray:


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Two possible solutions:

  1. Do what everyone else is suggesting: don’t have pet Saturdays with vault weekends.

  2. Here’s my preference: when there’s a full day pet rescue, let pet gnomes trigger 1 hour pet events anyway which replaces the whole day rescue for just that one hour.


Im with you there

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I actually like it. The more cosmetic pet events, the better. I’d like to get a few of them to Mythic sometime this century, without spending 3000 gems to do it.

Whether the weekend is empty or not, a pet rescue takes me (maybe) 6 to 8 minutes to complete. I just don’t see this as a major issue.

It blocks all the other possible pet rescues for the day (25hour period actually). Players want to normal pets that the more frequent gnomes bring in Vault event.

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Personally, I agree. I have all the non-cosmetic pets mythicized. However, if I may quote Spock: “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one.”

I prefer to help out my guildmates who aren’t as fortunate as myself and go for a different pet, each hour.


Everybody would like to upgrade cosmetic pets but, I suppose, almost everybody would like to upgrade regular pets without spending aforementioned 3000 gems significant amount more (well, except, maybe those who did spend 3000 gems to do that).

I choose a chance to upgrade actual pet (for anybody who would need it in my guild even though I personally might not) over some cosmetic stuff every time and vault weekend is the best time for doing that.

If somebody’s personal need to upgrade cosmetics is so pressing and unstoppable, one should - regrettably? - be prepared to spend gems on that or wait a long long long time instead of hurting a lot more players.


That’s a really good point, and one I didn’t even think about. I find it weird that they can’t separate a Pet Rescue event from the regular process of finding a Pet Gnome, so that you could do both. I mean, it’s not like you can’t do delves when there’s a Faction event, right?


It’s not quite as simple, a better comparison would be having two delve events running at the same time, one 3 day long one and 1 day long for example at some point during those 3 days. It’s certainly doable if they were willing to spend some time on working it out though :slight_smile:

Personally, I have enough regular pets at mythic for what I need for kingdom power, so I’d probably be better off with an extra cosmetic pet rescue than I would be with a day of regular pet rescues. Most in my guild are not in the same position though, so if I had to choose one or the other, I’d still rather see regular pet rescues for that one day.

Anyway, it’s not like they have to cancel it. They have options, they set the schedule. Just delay the cosmetic pet by a week, have it on raid boss weekend instead of vault weekend and nobody misses out.

Oh and btw, looking ahead at Dec 12th, there’s a cosmetic pet rescue on arena weekend :see_no_evil:


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