Playing a Level 100 Class should give bonus XP to Hero

Scenario: This week has us playing with Wildfolk troops in the Tower Invasion event. My Bard is already level 100, yet every battle I see “2 Bard XP.” By the end of the week, I’ll probably have accumulated over 200 Bard XP… for nothing, because I’m already maxed, yet Bard is the only Wildfolk class (and most Wildfolk are from Pan’s Vale anyway).

Solution: When a player chooses a class that they’ve maxed the level of, the XP should rollover to be a higher bonus XP for the Hero. So instead of getting 156 Hero XP and 2 Bard XP, I could get like 156 + (2*10) or something for a total of 176 Hero XP.

Result: This encourages players to actually want to play their level 100 classes. I know I am constantly shifting my classes around because it sucks thinking that if I play a Hero I’m already 100 with, it’s wasted XP. It truly is, because the factor for leveling classes is TIME, and TIME is limited. I’m level 100 with Archer, Bard, Deathknight, Dervish, Diabolist, Frostmage, Mechanist, Orbweaver, Sentinel, Sorcerer, Stormcaller, Thief, Tidecaller (99 actually), and Titan. That’s a TON of classes that I AVOID playing because I have so many other classes that aren’t close to 100, and I actually feel like I’m wasting my time playing a class that I’m not leveling.

Side note: The justification for playing a level 100 class is supposed to be the final talent, but for MOST classes, the 100 talent is pitiful. The only 100 Talents that actually make any difference are Fortitude (immune to Stun/Poison/Disease/Death Mark/Devour), and Rising Shadows (7% Chance to assassinate last enemy when another enemy dies). Every other level 100 talent is some stupid crap like “Gain 2 to some skill when enemy dies.” So bad.


Agree 100%. As someone who has every single class at level 100 already, I rarely use my hero anymore. So if this suggestion were to happen, I would happily use my hero in just about every battle for 10 or 20 extra hero XP per fight as the OP proposed. Every little bit helps when it takes so damn long to level up for high level players. I’m at level 2241 on Xbox and it now takes me well over 120,000 XP for each level.

Fireblade is excellent as a final perk; extremely powerful and IMO more useful than fortitude considering we have a selection of low mana cleansers/generators plus the cedric medals if we choose to use them. But yes, most lvl 100 perks are mediocre and some classes have little boost appeal once you reach lvl 40. That’s poor incentive to boost them to the max as a consequence of hurried and ill conceived design. I also avoid using my maxed (best) classes wherever I can in an attempt to boost those of less all round value. Corsair for example just gets thrown into the egg thief SK team for the boosting. As if wasn’t tedious enough the first time. The majority of classes are niche, useful in only a small number of attack teams. This all comes down to the lack of synergy we find despite the enormous number of troops. Grind would be a lot more palatable if we could mix it up a bit.

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