Class xp after lvl 100

Maybe its possible, to get 1 random xp on a class that are not 100, when i play with a lvl 100 class?
So can everyone play what they want und push the rest a little bit and its feels not so worthless like now.

I’m avoid most of the time matches where i “must” play my best team to win safely, for example freezeteams or eoe, because that class is 100 and i make no progress with that.


They are looking into extending hero classes past 100 in some way into the future, as well as rebalancing class events around that change.

Boooooo!!! Booooo!!! :-1::-1::-1::-1::-1::-1::-1::-1::-1::-1::-1::-1::-1::-1:

Level 100 is enough.


100 takes years now it seems, I feel like a zombie after I get a class to 100 now. I can’t imagine past 100, i probably wouldn’t even bother with doing it then, unless class XP gets easier to get? Back in Arena maybe? We can wish sighs


I would much prefer overflow into other classes than post-100 progression.


Level 100 is enough


On one hand I would prefer 100 stay the max, but looking to the future next year every kingdom will have a class and then what happens when you max them all?

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It would be nice to get 3 hero xp for a 3 trophy battle instead of 2 but that makes too much sense.


I’d really love to see classes extended past level 100, provided there isn’t any bonus attached. Grinding to level 150 for another talent sounds like a horrible chore, gradually seeing the level number still go up as side effect of playing the class as best event pick feels good to me.

If they do this, there will be a nuclear launch.
Level 100 is perfectly fine and extremely grindy as it is!

They should instead give random 1 or 2 XP points on the classes you don’t have maxed yet if you play with your currently maxed class!


Let’s fix talent system first before they decide to add more useless and/or contradictory ones

Level 200 for titan- +2 armor for fey troops/ gain a soul every turn/ +1 armor for wildfolk on 4 or 5 matches is more likely if we don’t :unamused:


They mentioned it last Q&A, but no confirmation on if they will actually be doing it or when.

They say a lot of stuff on Q&A that never happen. XD

Agreed that there’s no reason to extend the painfully long class grind. It’d probably be better to have some kind of new reward system, where maxed players get gems or keys in class events instead of class XP.


Although Class Events would still be beneficial on an ongoing basis for newer players once all 34 classes have been released, we could scrap the Event altogether and release “Class Gnomes” that appear for players using a class <100 and trigger a mini Class Event, similar to Pet Rescues, for that current class. :man_shrugging:

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Please don’t. For someone like me who can only play 1-2 hours per day, if that, events offer way more frequency and reliable opportunities to get class xp or pets than those gnomes.
I haven’t done solid data tracking, but in the 6 months or so that I started playing again I’ve had dozens of events, but encountered maybe 10 gold gnomes and 5 glory gnomes.

Nonetheless, regardless of how it’s triggered or accessed by players, I kind of like the idea of a special ‘dungeon area’ that you find as you’re adventuring, where you can choose to go level up your class a bit if it takes your fancy. Like finding a secret hole/cave, etc. with bonus rewards or some kind of special opportunity.

Okay I won’t.

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