Hide class xp after lvl 100

Please, after character class reaches 100 hide the xp mention from rewards after each battle. I do tons of grinding in game and it is frustrating to see how all these tons of xp goes nowhere and brings nothing!

Why not hide it? It is the simplest way.

Or make it usable, plese. Earlier in this forum I offered to put it to some use, but other players were not enthusiastic in their comments.


Those class xp aren’t wasted, the game still keeps track, even though you are currently capped at level 100. When the cap eventually gets raised you’ll get a pile of levels all at once.


Thank you for your reply!
Where can I read about plans for cap being raised?

I don’t think there currently is a plan to raise the xp level, or any official language about the concept. It’s more IP2 has left the door open for themselves to do so in the future if they so choose by setting Class XP up this way.

There isn’t really anything specific to read about. However, game features (e.g. kingdom upgrades, kingdom power levels, guild ranks, soulforge, dungeon) get revisited every couple of years, which usually raises the bar of Things To Do. Champion levels have been around for quite long now, I wouldn’t be surprised if we get another talent at something like level 150 and level 200. Troop elite levels were also hinted as possibly eventually going higher, which would likely introduce explore up to level 20.

Just guessing though, hopefully we’ll get a roadmap for next year that shows a bit about upcoming changes.

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Thank you for writing this.
Yes, let’s wait and see, I guess.