Hide class xp after lvl 100

Please, after character class reaches 100 hide the xp mention from rewards after each battle. I do tons of grinding in game and it is frustrating to see how all these tons of xp go nowhere and bring nothing!

Why not hide it? It is the simplest way.

Or make it usable, please. Earlier in this forum I offered to put it to some use, but other players were not enthusiastic in their comments.


Those class xp aren’t wasted, the game still keeps track, even though you are currently capped at level 100. When the cap eventually gets raised you’ll get a pile of levels all at once.


Thank you for your reply!
Where can I read about plans for cap being raised?

I don’t think there currently is a plan to raise the xp level, or any official language about the concept. It’s more IP2 has left the door open for themselves to do so in the future if they so choose by setting Class XP up this way.

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There isn’t really anything specific to read about. However, game features (e.g. kingdom upgrades, kingdom power levels, guild ranks, soulforge, dungeon) get revisited every couple of years, which usually raises the bar of Things To Do. Champion levels have been around for quite long now, I wouldn’t be surprised if we get another talent at something like level 150 and level 200. Troop elite levels were also hinted as possibly eventually going higher, which would likely introduce explore up to level 20.

Just guessing though, hopefully we’ll get a roadmap for next year that shows a bit about upcoming changes.

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Thank you for writing this.
Yes, let’s wait and see, I guess.

Even though 2/3rds of my classes aren’t fully upgraded yet (or in the near future), I really like the idea of raising the class limit one day. Can’t exactly tell why, but it would be another goal to reach once everything else is done. :thinking:

It would be nice, of course.

I cannot understand though, what exp that we collect now has to do with anything.
If/when cap is raised and the existing exp is taken into consideration, elementalist will reach the new cap immediately))

Also the (very approximate) roadmap for six months was announced already and nothing was said about the class cap raising there.

Kingdom level, Kingdom power, all had their cap raised. The class cap raise is just anyone’s guess. It could happen this year, next year, never… There is nothing saying that it will happen nor that it won’t happen.
But, IMO, if the cap is raised, the xp will start from 0 for the new levels. I really doubt they will keep tracking now of how many xp we got even if the class is maxed. They wouldn’t lose an oportunity to benefit from the effort to raise from the start.

Oh, I so agree.

Hence the starting post :slight_smile:

But immediately hitting the next cap would be the fun part. :smiley:

That’s similar to my current situation on most kingdoms. 25-30 power levels on my kingdoms are blocked by unowned (or not fully upgraded) pets. Each time a pet is fully ascended, my power level jumps to the next pet block, because all other requirements are already much higher. :joy:

I know it’s not exactly the same, because class xp is capped by devs/game and my power levels by my own progress. But still. :thinking:

Now that I think of it, hitting the cap at once seems not so bad)))
Honestly, everything is better than seeing this exp reward after the class is maxed! :smiley:

Do you mean there is some kind of add-on allowing to edit the displayed rewards?

Gems of war keeps track of all xp earned beyond level 100 and can be viewed through taransworld.

It is interesting to know statistics which class is more frequently used. But there is no connection to the class lvl cap, because even when/if cap is going to be raised, all these extra exp points will unlikely be used.

So, again, I don’t see the point of displaying exp rewards after battles are finished.

When champion levels were introduced all battles previously done with each class counted, so veteran players started out with the more prominent ones already at 100. If feels rather unlikely that all the extra xp currently piling up would be deleted when the cap gets raised, especially since you can buy them in class events.

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I didn’t know that! Sounds promising then. Thank you :smiley:

I think that if the levels of the kingdoms will be increased in the future, the levels of the classes relative to the single kingdoms will also increase and experience points already earned will be recovered.

Thank you for sharing this.
So far nothing have been posted about such plans, let’s wait and see.