Challenges Hero Class XP after 4.5

Currently Challenges give 1 XP for hero classes. That makes sense given that they are repeatable and can be easy to farm.
With patch 4.5 challenges are being completely revamped. Except, strangely, in terms of class hero XP. :thinking:
Despite the increased difficulty for every level that is unadjustable and the challenges being no longer repeatable. The plan is to keep class hero XP at 1 per battle.
I suggest that it be changed to 2 Hero class XP to balance properly for the increased time it will take to do challenges for most of the player base.
The only reasoning I can see for not increasing the XP is to further push the Class Trials in hopes that people use gems to gain Hero class XP rather than grind it. If that’s the case. Then please simply state “due to the gem economy and challenges being given extra rewards. We are not able to increase class hero XP at this time.” I suspect that was the actual reason class hero XP was taken out of the arena. Rather than, some “stuff” about classes aren’t used in the arena so you can’t earn hero XP there. Despite heroes being required to use in the arena. If you use a hero class that’s untraited, untalented and unleveled in any other game mode… You still gain hero class xp. :man_shrugging:


I agree


I suggest using the OP’s proposal. - 2 EXP instead of 1 EXP.


Agreed. It’s enough of a grind to get champion exp points as it is.


I agree as well. Thank you for 2 XP in Adventure Boards, hopes this follows suit. Looking forward to your response devs (and a ‘like’ on the OP :slight_smile:)


Yep, I’m going to be grouchier if there’s no champion XP.

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You’re all so grumpy I almost don’t want to tell you that the 4.5 challenges will now give 2 Champion/Class XP.

You’re welcome. <3


Grumpy? I had a thank you & a smiley face in mine. Lol.

Thank you Salty! :purple_heart:


Thanks Salty.
And incase you didn’t catch it last night…I wasn’t telling you to “ask the PQ publisher” I was saying that to Siplman. But I do apologise, I should’ve said his name when addressing him.
Great steam otherwise! :grinning:

Thank you, @Salty. You’re the best! :heart:


Well if you keep telling me stuff like this I won’t be grumpy anymore :angry:

Don’t spoil the Burrito Golem pet yet though, I want that to be a surprise.

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Still not a lot of options for leveling Hero classes. What about making 3 trophy pvp fights 3XP, 2 trophy 2XP, and 1 trophy 1XP. I know it may hurt a few that do 1 trophy, but it could help a lot more than it would hurt. I think this would be a reasonable change they could make.?

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Why are you so Salty XP should be scalable with the difficulty 2xp then 3xp and on and on :wink: