Double-Class-XP Weekend or Week

Can we please have a “Hero-Weekend” where we can earn double Class-XP?


Yes this would be neato-frito! They could run on those weekends where a pet runs all day when no other events are scheduled even. Just an idea when they could run. Anytime is good lol.

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I like this suggestion, but if they do this extra class XP needs to be worth something. Otherwise, everyone’s going to blast through their classes and it will be irrelevant for 80% of the player base a couple of months in.

Or they could make Class events actually give out a reasonable amount of XP bonus. That would also be an easier and more effective fix.


I think the amount of battles it takes to level classes fully is ridiculous. Yes, please on some sort of regular Hero Event. Also, when we lose a battle with our hero, we should still get class experience, and all battles should award at least 2 experience when hero is used.


Yes please!

This is a great idea. Even if they limited it to the class of the week it would be a really good idea.

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Oooo I like this. Troops of a specific type get a boost every week. What if the complimentary class got its class XP boosted?


2 class XP per battle for high level explores was a ‘yes’ from Sirrian for 4.6, then delayed until 4.7, then cancelled in the 4.7 preview stream iirc.


Wait really?? I want this!!

Oh, my. That brings back the memories. It was also stated around that time that Class events were the worst financially performing daily event each week (at that time).

Decisions and logic change over time, as what likely happened here.

In the current monetization era, bonus Champion XP events are almost guaranteed to be a non-starter.

Weekly class events are there to monetize Champion XP. The grind for Champion XP is supposed to be so long and so painful to encourage players to spend gems on Champion XP. Double Champion XP events run completely counter to Class events, because it eases the grind and consequentially reduces the grind and resulting pain of grinding. As a result, that would potentially impair the monetization of Class events (why spend when one can wait for the next double Champion XP event?), and that’s a complete no-go from the devs’ current perspective.

Class events might have been poor performers back in the day (I claimed back then that they were simply ahead of their time), but now that maxing classes is now needed to keep up with the kingdom star meta, their time for monetization is now. I used to be able easily place on the leaderboard with a Tier 4 purchase. That hasn’t been the case over the last few months. The pain of a single kingdom star requiring going from Champion level 80 to 100 for a given class is very real and the increased gem spend from players in general, as reflected on the leaderboards for those events, suggest that players are warming up towards accepting monetization of weekly Class events.

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Indeed. I’ve been dealing with a rush to level champion classes for kingdom levels even if that alone won’t increase the kingdom level. It’s really annoying when the middle daily offer slot or an arena offer gets consumed by a class xp offer when it could have been a pet offer for one of my many pet-locked kingdoms.


Two classes of heroes are also required for each kingdom.

Heroes are missing, Wargare, Construct, Elemental, for example.