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Better rewards for weekend long Class Events

Class events that last for 3 days should have better rewards like some major orbs, diamonds, event keys, vault keys… Just like Bounty has. Also you can add more hero class xp that way. It would make spending gems for new classes viable for people who have more gems and not enough time to grind.


bumpidy bump bump
you know this makes no sense right???

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This is absolute gibberish and you have my full support :hugs:


You’re totally right… Other weekends events (e.g. factions) have better rewards than the weekly ones, doesn’t really make sense that the class event rewards are the same :thinking:

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I was thinking about it this morning and yeah.

I finished the class event yesterday and I have plenty of sigils left. Not enough to even think about a leaderboard run, but enough that I’d spend them if I had them.

But I ran out of rewards, and a few extra dollops of Thief XP would be nice. More opportunities for class XP would be nice. Paying to max my classes this way is more appealing to me than switching classes from Titan to grind out a lot of suboptimal matches that make me mad because “I could have won that if I weren’t a level 30 scrub class”.


Bumping this. Instead of any of the ones I made on the exact same subject.

Of course I could just bump those too.

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Bump your’s too, maybe they’ll take a look actually lol

U Absolutely Right JZG.:+1:

And they are still playing dumbo.


I defintely agree with the author of this post.
There should be 16 instead of 8 Reward/Round Stages.
Round 12 should include a Vault Key and Extra Class XP, Level 16, Bigger Orb of Chaos and some Diamonds.

If nothing else, this should be done for each new Class Event. However, I would prefer the regular routine.

I could say that we have come to some sort of paradox. Thanks to this pitiful event, I started to save more Gems than ever before. I waste none. Developers actually want that I spend less, and encourage me with such pitiful rewards that I can easily ignore the whole event. Thanks to this, I am no longer obsessed and I am cured of the disease that planned to infect all of us - Must Have Disease.

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HOW AND WHY IS THIS STILL AN ISSUE? Why am I yelling? Sorry lol…
Seriously though, how can this is indeed still be an issue? I would gladly spend more gems for the weekend event but I don’t bother simply because of the lack of reward stages. I can spend minimal gems and get close to level 40, then just grind the class in PVP…but again, I would gladly spend more gems to upgrade the class faster. It’s the only major weekend event that doesn’t have 16 reward stages, doesn’t make sense.

It’s the last one. It’s not an issue any longer.

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Excellent! Thanks for letting me know.