Better rewards for weekend long Class Events


Class events that last for 3 days should have better rewards like some major orbs, diamonds, event keys, vault keys… Just like Bounty has. Also you can add more hero class xp that way. It would make spending gems for new classes viable for people who have more gems and not enough time to grind.


bumpidy bump bump
you know this makes no sense right???


This is absolute gibberish and you have my full support :hugs:


You’re totally right… Other weekends events (e.g. factions) have better rewards than the weekly ones, doesn’t really make sense that the class event rewards are the same :thinking:


I was thinking about it this morning and yeah.

I finished the class event yesterday and I have plenty of sigils left. Not enough to even think about a leaderboard run, but enough that I’d spend them if I had them.

But I ran out of rewards, and a few extra dollops of Thief XP would be nice. More opportunities for class XP would be nice. Paying to max my classes this way is more appealing to me than switching classes from Titan to grind out a lot of suboptimal matches that make me mad because “I could have won that if I weren’t a level 30 scrub class”.