Class XP points no longer given in the Arena mode! Why?!

My fears that you’ll remove or “nerf” something just came true with the cost removal of changing Hero classes. You added something and removed something else, completely unjustified in this new update.

I was just playing the Arena mode today, and I noticed that you no longer get Class XP points.

I am wondering at this point if I should just call it a day or not.
This game is really grindy, and this mode actually helped me, and it was more relaxing than any of the other modes, like PvP, both Ranked and Casual, which are not the best game modes to level up Classes, even more when it comes to Delves and Explore mode, which takes twice as long - 1 XP instead of 2 XP.

Some people are raging in Discord about this.

I hope that you’ll reconsider your decision and put back Class XP (2 points) per each Arena match as soon as possible.

*Edited by dev: Dev comments on this here.


The reasoning behind this change is that your hero gets none of the benefits of a class in Arena mode. You don’t get the traits, or the talents, for sure. Maybe you don’t get the stats for class level, or the bonuses for hero type/kingdom (can’t remember whether these happen). So if your hero isn’t relying on class stuff, why are they getting Champion XP for the class?


It used to be the same before.
You got no benefits, but I think that you should still get the points anyway, just as before.

This game mode was actually good for something, now that’s not the case any more.
It will be less used if not ignored by many now.

I think it’s a coding issue. They couldn’t figure out how to make the class changes work in the arena without talents/traits being involved.
Unfortunately, it goes with their time honored tradition.
For every update that causes a good change. It always comes with a price. 🤷


This is exactly it. They couldn’t figure out how to do it easily. I love how they spin it though to make it sound like they totally wanted and intended it to be this way. :roll_eyes:


You were correct when you said that it will come with some sort of penalty.
Coding issues or not, we could just get mailed after we finish all 8 battles based on current class selection.
There’s always something to make it right. I am sure of it.

I guess I’ll have to talk to some people, letting them know that they can’t do that anymore.
Some of them spent over two or three months to get the Dawnbringer weapon just for that purpose.

This is a bad change, accidental or not. I hope that they find a way to put it back in.
They should definitely try and be honest about it. This game needs more players, not less.


Agreed. I think giving class xp for arena is fine and shouldn’t be removed. It doesn’t hurt anyone by giving any unfair advantage.


I don’t know if it is a problem of coding or if arena has just been forgotten as usual.

It is true that we have never had the benefit of the traits and talents of a class in the arena, but until yesterday we were gaining XP in arena and it doesn’t seem to have ever bothered anyone.

Arena is not just a training mode. Until now it was one of the two options we had to make trophies. Now we have to play PVP even if we don’t like it or to give up the idea of getting our classes leveled.
It is not fair to penalize arena players that way.


Yes, or newer players that would prefer to level up their classes a bit more first before plunging into pvp.


Return experience to the Arena. This is not very fair, but we are playing and getting ZERO experience for this is fundamentally wrong.

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They already know the last class played, it gets displayed as part of your hero portrait in the upper left corner when on the world map. Technically, they could just award champion XP to that class when playing Arena, if they wanted to.

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Alternately, they know how to disable hero traits and talents, because they used to do that in the Arena. The devs could let you pick a hero class to earn XP for the Arena team like with every other team selection process, then (re)use that code to disable everything else about the class besides the champion XP.


If it was that easy they would have just kept XP for the classes in the arena.
They had to had to of known there would be back lash from the change.
If class change was part of the legacy code. I’m gonna assume that the way arena and classes worked was also part of the legacy code.
It will most likely be fixed in 4.3 when the cost of the arena is paid for in gems instead of gold. :roll_eyes:

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Exactly. If you look in the patch notes, you will see that it still states the following:

The Update version 3.5:

Here it is:

  • Once a Hero Class is unlocked, and set as the current Class, players can start to earn Champion levels, by using the hero in a battle. Champion XP is only earned if hero is used in battle, and for the current class equipped with the hero.
  • Quests, Challenges & Explores give 1 XP to Champion Levels, all other battles (PvP, Arena, Events like Raid Boss) will give 2 XP.
  • At milestone Champion Levels, the player will unlock the ability to choose a Talent from 1 of 3 Talent Trees of a Hero Class. Milestone levels are 1, 5, 10, 20, 40, 70, and 100.
  • Perks have been removed from classes with the introduction of Talent Trees and Weapon levelling. However, the class weapon is still unlocked by winning 250 victories with the hero class (the Hero does not have to be part of the team for these victories to count towards the weapon).
  • Classes now grant the troop type bonus when the class is unlocked.

They took out a feature that was included in the 3.5 Update to include and justify the cost removal of classes in 4.2.5 Update:


  • Quests, Challenges & Explores give 1 XP to Champion Levels, all other battles (PvP, Arena, Events like Raid Boss) will give 2 XP.

As you can see, the Update 4.2.5 no longer have it:

  • Hero Class change Gem cost has now been removed
  • Players are now able to set a Hero Class to each team
  • Hero Classes can now be managed from the Troop/ Collectible menu
  • Class wins (for unlocking Class Weapons) will only apply to the Class assigned to the team
  • Class Champion XP will only apply to the Class assigned to the team that is used (if the Hero is used on the team)
  • A Hero Class still uses the same talent tree, so while you may use a Class on 2 teams, any changes to the Talent Tree with affect both teams
  • The Hero Class displayed on the main HUD will represent the Hero Class attached to the last team you used
  • As Classes do not apply in Arena, no Champion XP or Wins for a Class will be awarded.


  • As Classes do not apply in Arena, no Champion XP or Wins for a Class will be awarded.

Again, while I agree that the Update 4.2.5 is good otherwise, they took out a feature that was introduced in the 3.5 Update. If this trend continues, and it appears that it will, then the future of this game is uncertain at best.


I can’t even find a level of sarcasm to describe how amazing this complaint is
Oh wait here we go
Thanks for driving me 3000 miles… but wtf… why didn’t u pull up 10 more feet… now I gotta walk them…useless driver


For every improvement, there’s always a downgrade, it’s the same every time.


Just like every Knight has its dawnbringer?

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Easy solution. If you want to level a class do explore or PVP. I have a feeling arena was not meant to have a class involved.

That is not a solution.Until now players had the choice between PVP and arena, or a mix of the two of course. Now that choice is removed from them.

And we must not forget the new players for which arena is more accessible than PVP because everyone is one an equal foot. That can make their situation difficult.

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