Class XP points no longer given in the Arena mode! Why?!

Do explore

Explore doesn’t make you gain any trophies.


So it’s about T’s not XP. Sounds like more a high account problem then a low account one. Low account last thing on my mind would be Ts

IMO Arena is a very good bang for your buck at low levels all the way through the mid-game.

If we ignore the war chest that endgamers have, it is true that in Arena:

  • It’s easier to win more consistently than in PvP.
  • It’s easier to win more quickly than in PvP.

This is especially true post-Dawnbringer, which excludes low-level players. But the Doomed weapons are also exceptionally good, and in theory a level 1 player could have and use one.

Anyway, the reasons I’ve always recommended it to lower-level people are:

  • The bonus souls are the best soul farming method if you don’t have a fast explore team.
    • Even if you do, until you get Pharos-Ra Arena is still comparable.
  • If your PvP win rate is less than 90% (which takes an endgamer warchest) AND/OR you can win an arena match 25% faster than a PvP match:
    • The bonus gold will be higher than you will get from PvP.
    • The bonus seals for an 8-0 or 8-1 will exceed what you get from PvP.
    • [Obsolete] Since your win rate is higher you get more Champion XP.
  • You get a lot of trophies, which makes you more attractive for better guilds, which gets you better advice and rewards.

As you progress, the trophies get more important. Very late in endgame I don’t think I can win Arena matches fast enough to justify it, but I still find Arena fun.


So yeah, it’s a loss. I’d like it better if we even went back to 1 XP. But awryan is right: the devs explained this as a technical obstacle and it’ll take them some work to fix it if they do. Here’s what I understand:

Used to, your class was stored in one place, since every team used the same class. Something about updating the class in that place was very difficult for the devs to change, which is why they couldn’t remove the class change fee.

They removed the class change fee by sort of doing some back alley surgery. They created a new way to store a class as part of every team. Then they updated the Troops screen, which is also the team editor, so you could change the class from there. Then they removed the old class change interface, so you couldn’t muck with the old global class. (So technically, all the old class change stuff is probably still there, you just can’t see it and go through a completely new mechanism to change your class now.)

A problem: Arena doesn’t use the Troops screen at all, or the team editor. Everything is done from the Arena screen. That screen has no concept of changing your class, and apparently doing so is difficult. Maybe they forgot. Maybe they tried, and it was hard enough they didn’t think they could release on time. So Arena is still trying to use that old Class setting, but as part of this update they reset everyone’s old class to “no class”. So now you can’t get Champion XP because as far as Arena is concerned, you have no equipped class.

And apparently they like it that way and think it should’ve been that way before, but couldn’t be implemented. Whatever, I think we can disagree with that.

On the other hand, I’m so ecstatic I can change classes for free now I’m willing to accept this as a loss, but I do think people should keep waving the flag. I just don’t feel as strongly about this as other things I have felt in the past.

But I can also say this hurts endgamers. When I did try to level classes, I liked to do it in Arena. In PvP, having the wrong class means losing more which means getting fewer rewards over time. So I preferred to grind classes in Arena so I could win more and get more trophies. In fact, many endgamers grind Arena for the trophies. So now they have to choose if they want trophies or champion XP. Fair trade. But it means I’m far less interested in Arena now.

@Cyrup If the removal is a result of coding issue/complication. Can a few Champion XP simply be awarded at the end for 8 Wins as part of the Arena reward payout? 2xp x8 seems high for Arena battles but what ever the developers think is fair.

For the record I almost never play Arena so this suggestion is for the players that like it.

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Class XP no longer applies to Arena due to the way the new Class system works. This is a sacrifice the team needed to make to remove the Class change Gem cost. Previously, Classes were applied to teams globally. Due to technical limitations this prevented the ability to remove the Gem cost. Now, because a Hero can be separate instances of a Class at once, and the Arena has no Class, the XP and Wins were inherently removed.


as mentioned above, it is easier to award a total amount of experience after the end of the Arena, if it is difficult to give after each fight. It will be fair.

Sorry to bring this up once more, is it really a technical limitation or rather a business limitation? In the latter case I guess there’s nothing much to argue about it. To get around a technical limitation I’d propose the following:

Return the class tab to the hero screen, for quick access to classes (e.g. upgrading, talent configuration, checking how much more xp you need for the next champion level). Allow players to select a class here, as the default class. Make any team that doesn’t directly have a class assigned (e.g. newly created teams, legacy pet rescue teams, arena teams) behave as if running this default class. Change the hero portrait in the upper left corner of the world map to always show the default class instead of the the last class played.


Gotta say that arena was not that great for leveling classes, when you think a bit.
Yes, an arena fight gave 2 class exp, while explore gives 1 class exp.

But you can run 2-4 explores in the time you win an arena fight. So you get 2-4 class exp in the same time you got 2 exp in arena. Not to mention traitstones and eventual gnomes etc, that arena don’t have.

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II can finish each Arena match in 30-45 seconds at most.
Also, you get Gnomes in the Arena. I just got a Soul Gnome today and a regular one.

Yes, if you have luck on the random troop draw to give you decent troop choices.

Didn’t knew about the gnome thing tbh. Good info tho.

You also get gnomes in explore too.
The only gnome exception is the pet gnome.

I personally think it’s a fair compromise for removing the class change fees and it makes sense that no xp is awarded for an event that makes no use of classes.

If this was argued i would say we should grant class xp in treasure hunts too.

What i don’t agree is how the devs approach these matters.
Be brutally honest and explain the situation (even “go away” would convince me more) and not come up with one of their generic responses like “it is working as intended”.
I swear they feel like robots at times when they do this.

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Arena is over due for a big code rewrite / upgrade, I wonder if that could be a Soon project?

If Arena used legacy Adobe Air code like hero class did, that would explain why they can’t make an easy fix.

Would they want to make a fix? Is this an “Arena no longer awards champion XP until we figure out a good way to reintroduce it, feel free make proposals” or an “Arena no longer awards champion XP because overall reward value had to be cut, nothing you propose will change that” situation?

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Sirrian doesn’t do ‘band aid’ fixes, so no hero xp is probably going to remain that way until they do a complete rewrite of Arena.

The 50 gem class change fee took so long to go away because that on some platforms it was legacy adobe air code, no one who still worked at infi+2 knew adobe air, so they did not want to touch it. Instead they rewrote it all in Unity.

I don’t know if Arena has old Adobe air code in it, but if it did that would explain why they can’t change much in it. Either way Arena is due for a rewrite.

I can’t tell you how valuable those win points were from arena back when I was a new player. Arena was the saving grace in earning souls and trophies for my guild even when I didn’t have enough good troops for pvp. Now to see not a single win goes towards your hero’s class points is absolutely outrageous. You still have to use your hero in arena anyways. :roll_eyes:
This makes no sense. How do the devs expect new players to be able to help guilds early on without being able to level up troops with souls and earn trophies from arena? Pvp is not always feasible for players with no troops . I feel sorry for newbs . We didn’t have hero classes when I started way back when, but when they were implemented you could get wins towards class weapons and such in arena . This ain’t right . I hope this thread continues .
Squeaky wheel gets the grease yall. Keep posting . Also voice your concerns in EVERY stream and social media platforms. It worked with hero class change charge :wink:


It seems like more and more each update and each day, this game is circling the drain. I see the developers saying that they have so many new people joining this game all of the time. I think that would really slow down since what they are doing is hurting the new players the most. These are just my opinions. I think the money is getting short and they’re doing what they can to make a buck before eventually they have to shut the game down, or stop putting time and money into upgrading it. I compare taking away Champion experience from Arena to when they stripped the gems out of the legendary tasks. The comparison I’m making is a fact that they did it without anyone knowing that it was going to be done. Again these are just my opinions.


Perfecr example of what i was talking about in the other thread.

You joined the game at half of 2016, hero champion lvls are there only since half of 2018, unless x 2 YEARS you did nothing ofc you “cant tell” how valuable was something you actually never tried.

Only point i can agree a bit is x souls and may be just cuz seem am fking unlucky at getting Valky, took ages here and still nothing on pc despite all the golds spent on gold chests (gold i should’ve used x kingdoms but really need valky x base souls farm).

Overall a cool story, next time tell us also “Pollicina and the magical carrot” one, thx.

I started in nov 2015 actually. I know hero levels weren’t added til later :roll_eyes:. My point in that is I’ve had this both ways as a newb and a veteran player. I still did arena later on for trophies and souls(dawnbringer) for my guild. If the hero class points were not included in arena in would NOT have spent so much time there . My guild would NOT have benefited as much. I didn’t start to get mythics and good weapons til 2017 . It was really neato-frito when the devs added the hero classes and upgrades. I really like them. The arena without class wins towards weapons and leveling trees is severely depleted in value in my opinion. Trophies are now just for bragging rights ,once at the top “God” levels and not worth alot of value otherwise. So why play arena ? I really do love this game and hope to see it prosper, but gosh dang it devs
…why? :scream:
Bring the class wins back please

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I think what the Devs are saying is since you do not use a class in arena is why you get no XP. They cannot award XP because it would have no idea which class to reward it to. I think the savings of 100”s of gems far out weighs the loss of XP IMO. Like everything you cannot please everyone.